PoliticsBiden Says Catholic Church Would Not Agree With Graham's Proposed Abortion Ban

    Biden Says Catholic Church Would Not Agree With Graham’s Proposed Abortion Ban

    Biden Says Catholic Church Would Not Agree With Graham's Proposed Abortion Ban

    President Joe Biden stated that the Catholic Church would not agree with the strict proposal to ban abortion at the national level by Senator Lindsey Graham and other Republicans.

    The current tenant of the White House spoke about it at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York this week.

    Think about what these guys are talking about (…) No exceptions, rape, incest, no exceptions, regardless of age.”

    “I am a practicing Roman Catholic (…) My church don’t even make that argument nowBiden added.

    This month, Graham introduced a bill that would ban abortions after 15 weeks pregnancy throughout the United States.

    However, contrary to what the president said, there would be exceptions “in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother”.

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    Abortion is not prohibited in the United States. It is up to the elected officials in the United States to define the issue, ”said the Republican senator when announcing the proposal last week.

    “States have the ability to do it [asi] at the state level, and we have the ability in Washington DC to speak on this issue if we so choose. I have chosen to speak,” she added.

    The Catholic Church considers that human life begins at conception and that abortion is prohibitedalthough he endorses surgery to save the life of the mother even if it inadvertently causes the death of the fetus.

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    While Pope Francis calls abortion “murder” and has asked the US bishops not to get involved in politics by opposing the positions of political leaders on abortion rights.

    Last month, Lindsey Graham took a different view, telling the press that “States should decide the issue of abortion”. While he now supports national legislation, saying abortion “is not a states’ rights issue.”

    “We are a national party. Here is my position on the border. Here is my position on the crime. Here is my position on inflation. … We owe it to the American people to tell them who we are, and this is who we are as a national party,” he reaffirmed his commitment to a nationwide ban on abortion in an appearance on Fox News on Thursday.

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    The truth is that as long as Democrats have a majority in Congress, Graham’s measure has little chance of advancing.

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