PoliticsBiden questions Putin on nuclear weapons: "Why do you keep talking about...

    Biden questions Putin on nuclear weapons: “Why do you keep talking about it?”

    As the United States reports actions with its nuclear team, President Joe Biden described as “very dangerous” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s frequent references to nuclear weapons.

    The Russian president recently said that they have no intention of using nuclear weapons, but Russia continues with training, while President Biden questions Putin’s intentions.

    “If you don’t intend [de usar armas nucleares]Why do you keep talking about it?”Biden said in an interview for Nexstar. “Why are you talking about the ability to use a tactical nuclear weapon? He’s been very dangerous in the way he’s approached this.”

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    The US president indicated that Putin can end the international conflict and its consequences: “Exit Ukraine”.

    President Biden’s comments came after Putin reportedly met with foreign policy experts, telling them that Russia had no intention of using tactical nuclear weapons.

    “We don’t see the need for that. That makes no sense, neither political nor military,” Putin reportedly said.

    His message, however, contrasts with his statements a month earlier, when he noted that Russia was prepared to defend its territoriesincluding recent annexations of parts of Ukraine.

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    Since then, US officials and NATO partners they fear that Russia will use what is known as a “dirty bomb”which is not the same as a nuclear bomb.

    According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which develops plans in case of having to deal with cases of nuclear poisoning, points out that a “dirty bomb” contains limited amounts of radioactivity.

    “A dirty bomb is the mixture of explosives, such as dynamite, with radioactive powder or granules. When dynamite or other explosives go off, the impact unleashes radioactive material to the area where it was activated,” he says.

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    The Biden Administration states that it has no indication, at this time, that Russia is readying a chemical or tactical nuclear weapon.

    Source: La Opinion

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