PoliticsBiden participates in talks with railway unions to reach an agreement and...

    Biden participates in talks with railway unions to reach an agreement and avoid the strike

    Biden participates in talks with railway unions to reach an agreement and avoid the strike

    President Joe Biden and cabinet officials have contacted freight rail companies and unions in an effort to prevent a strike. that would paralyze thousands of workers and that could also affect the US economy. They were given a deadline for them to reach an agreement.

    Joe Biden’s Personal Involvement in Workers’ Labor Talks of railroads signifies the importance to the White House on this matter in order to avoid a work stoppage, which could affect the US economy.

    Likewise, this delicate situation in which some 60,000 members of the train workers’ unions would stop their activities, also would hurt the Democrats’ chances to maintain his majority in Congress in the mid-term elections that will take place on November 8.

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    Freight train operators and unions have a deadline of next Friday, September 16, to agree on a new contract, after Labor Secretary Marty Walsh asked them that it is important that a resolution be reached. The National Economic Council has also constantly held meetings on the subject.

    Cabinet and administration officials have made calls to the parties involved, and Walsh is postponing a trip in order to reach an agreement before the strike breaks out.

    Two months ago, President Biden managed to avoid the strike by imposing a grace period to fix the situationwhile the Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) analyzed the issues in dispute in the negotiations and issued recommendations, among them, an immediate 14% increase for workers, retroactive and future.

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    Univision news, which has closely followed the problem, reported that freight railroads and unions worked to craft a new contract to avoid a strike that could disrupt supply chains, disrupt farm deliveries and could cost the US economy more than $2 billion a day.

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