PoliticsBiden assures that the Supreme Court seems more like an advocacy group...

    Biden assures that the Supreme Court seems more like an advocacy group than an impartial Court

    President Joe Biden was present during a fundraiser where qualified that the Supreme Court looks more like an “advocacy group these days” than an “impartial” courtthis is added as part of the criticism that has been expressed against the bank that is mostly Republican.

    President Biden joined the fundraiser for Democratic Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester of Delaware and that’s when he questioned who is going to be in charge of the votesafter the mid-term elections so that everything remains within a democracy and above all that the results are respected.

    “I see this off-year election as one of the most important elections I have participated in because many things can change because the institutions have changed. The Supreme Court is more of an advocacy group these days than an impartial court.”he mentioned.

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    The president asserted that Americans have shown concern about their vote and whether a democracy will be maintained, CNN reported.

    “For the first time, Americans are worried about whether we can keep our democracy. Who will count the votes? Will the state legislature Can you determine who won the election? I can go on and on. The stakes are high,” she noted.

    Throughout this year the Supreme Court has faced a great variety of situations, being the most commented and controversial the annulment of Roe vs. Wade on June 24, since it is still a problem that millions of women will face when each of the states decides to apply its laws.

    “It is a sad day for the Court and for the country. Women’s health and life in this nation they are now at risk,” the president said that day from the White House.

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    The Supreme Court has been part of the right to bear arms, immigration, religious freedom, marriage between the sexeswhich has provoked criticism from legislators and the population in general when they make a decision.

    A month ago, Vice President Kamala Harris said she doesn’t trust the Supreme Court when they struck down abortion rights during an NBC interview.

    “And we are suffering as a nation because of that, lor that causes me great concern about the integrity of the Court usually. It is a very different court”, exclaimed the vice president during the program.

    Given the criticism he has received, the president of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, defended the Court: “Simply because people do not agree with the opinions, It is not a reason to question the legitimacy of the Court.”

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    Likewise, it added that it is “the job of the Court to interpret the Constitution, which is a task that should not be left in the hands of political powers or driven by public opinion.”

    The Supreme Court is made up of a president and eight associate justices, most of whom are from the Republican Partyas the president is John G. Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil M. Gorsuch, Brett Kavanough and Amy C. Barrett.

    From the Democratic Party they are: Sonia M. Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and the newly elected Ketanji Brown Jackson. Judges are selected by the President of the United States and serve for life, but can resign at their own will.

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