PoliticsBernie Sanders envisions Joe Biden's re-election if he presents a strong progressive...

    Bernie Sanders envisions Joe Biden’s re-election if he presents a strong progressive agenda

    Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont, is convinced that after obtaining the Democratic nomination, Joe Biden will probably win re-election if it presents a strong progressive campaign.

    During your participation, Face the NationCBS television show, The 81-year-old New York politician referred to the need to beat Donald Trump in case his name appears on the ballot to elect the next president.

    “I think right now… we have to bring the progressive community together to say, you know what? We are going to fight for a progressive agenda, but we cannot have four more years of Donald Trump in the White House“, he expressed.

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    Then, Sanders described the former president as a risk factor for democracy and therefore invited people who support him to reflect on whether they really want to vote for him.

    Donald Trump is not only a pathological liar, not only has he launched an insurrection to prevent President Biden from taking office, Not only is he denying American democracy, but he is acting against democracy,” he said.

    Although The 77-year-old politician is campaigning with the aim of achieving the Republican nomination to compete in the presidential elections.also faces four legal accusations and the possibility of holding at least a couple of trials in the first months of 2024.

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    Nevertheless, None of the Republican candidates fighting to be standard bearers of their party manage to be close to Trumpat least that is what most of the polls reflect, where the former president is nearly 40 points ahead of his closest rival.

    In addition, When the former president is hypothetically placed next to Biden on the ballot, the results give the current president a slight advantage.

    In this sense, the Democrats’ concern is that as Trump approaches the dock, undecided voters will give him their support when voting, which would become a victory.

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    From this it follows that the Republican refuses to renounce his candidacy, since he is also aware of the importance of returning to direct the government, which translates into the possibility of, when the time comes, defeating all the charges against him, even through a self-pardon.

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