PoliticsArmed violence, an increasingly real and growing threat heading into the 2024...

    Armed violence, an increasingly real and growing threat heading into the 2024 Elections

    Taking into account that, in the last 20 years, different events have increased the risk of armed violence in elections in the country, the organizations Brennan Center for Justice and the GIFFORDS Law Center published the report Guns and votingwhere an analysis is established on the threat to voting posed by guns and steps to take to increase voter and poll worker safety in the 2024 elections.

    According to this report, voting and elections have become the target of threats and intimidation just as the nation faces a proliferation of guns, more frequent gun violence and fewer legal protections. This is a toxic combination.

    Among the core points of this report, it is established that Most states’ laws do not adequately protect voters or the electoral system.

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    However, this context would have a direct relationship, according to the organizations, with the change in the approach of the United States Supreme Court regarding the Second Amendment and an aggressive pro-gun movement that has led to significant gun deregulation. in some states and cast a shadow of legal uncertainty over strict gun regulations in others.

    As part of this x-ray, He noted that of the 51 states in the American Union, “Only 12 states and Washington, DC, prohibit concealed and open carry in general at voting sites.” say authors Sean Morales-Doyle, Robyn Sanders, Allison Anderman and Jessica Ojeda.

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    “And even fewer states regulate the carrying of weapons in other sensitive places related to elections, such as ballot drop boxes and ballot processing centers,” they highlight.

    In addition to this, the serious diagnosis is that the political system has become more polarized and prone to violence, Politicians have spread disinformation about voting rules to sow distrust in our democracywhich increases a real and latent threat in the upcoming electoral process.

    Overall, the report asserts that the laws of most states do not adequately protect their voters, the authors note, and Latino and black voters are the most unsafe who feel at the polls.

    That is, the 2024 elections will take place in a transformed legal environment. In most states, gun advocates have successfully pushed for firearms deregulation in legislatures and the courts.

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    “Our voting process and elections have been subject to threats and intimidation, just as the nation is seeing increased gun proliferation, more frequent gun violence, and fewer legal protections. This is a toxic combination,” the authors say.

    Among the recommendations to increase security, according to the recently published analysis, are: a) Prohibit the carrying of firearms in places where voting and electoral administration tasks are carried out, b) approve stricter state laws that prevent the intimidation of voters, electoral authorities and workers, and any other person who facilitates voting.

    Source: La Opinion

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