PoliticsAnti-immigrant and gun-carrying laws signed by Ron DeSantis go into effect

    Anti-immigrant and gun-carrying laws signed by Ron DeSantis go into effect

    July began and with this month some severe and controversial laws signed by the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, who in his political speech has shown a position against migrants, which are a large part of the state’s population. But the law that will restrict his stay is not the only one, a law on carrying weapons without the need for a permit also came into force. The latter generated controversy due to the crisis of armed violence in the country.

    Others also entered into force this Saturday, July 1, since the governor signed 200 lawswhich he announced with great fanfare, although the affected people began to live in fear before this date was reached, there was even a massive exodus of immigrants seeking safety.

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    SB 1718

    This is the most controversial and commented, being considered the toughest in all of the United States. There are several points included in this law, although some are already applicable throughout the country -such as not employing immigrants- which toughen the punishment for those who do so. Employers will have different sanctions when employing those who do not have the papers required by law.

    According to the AP, all businesses with 25 or more employees are required by law to use the E-Verify program to document new hires’ eligibility to work or face loss of business license, or fines of $1,000 per day per employee.

    Similarly, it obliges health services to report on the immigration status of those who require medical attention, which means that people will refrain from requesting medical services. Besides, immigrants will not be able to transit the stateand whoever takes them in their vehicles will be subject to sanctions, this includes families, so those affected believe that there will be family divisions.

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    HB 543

    While in the country there is a debate about legislating the use of firearms due to the crisis of armed violence that exists, in Florida people will be able to carry them without the need for a special permit, this applies to carrying them hidden in public places, although yes, there are restrictions.

    Concealed weapons permits will continue to be issued, but those who choose not to apply will not receive background checks or training, the AP reports. This new law applies to US citizens over the age of 21.

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    other laws

    DeSantis also signed laws that contemplate applying the death penalty to pedophiles, installing cameras on school buses -derived from various irregularities that occurred within these transports-. It will also prohibit abortion after six weeks of gestation and will not allow those who are not of the gender indicated in them to use bathrooms.

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    Source: La Opinion

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