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    AMLO invites Joe Biden to Mexico to learn about energy projects and infrastructure works

    Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador revealed that invited his American counterpart, Joe Biden, to visit Mexico and learn about the energy projects that are being carried out, as well as the construction of mega-works such as the Mayan Train.

    The Mexican ruler showed a letter that he sent to the US president in which, in addition to recognizing his immigration policies and accepting the invitation to the meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) in San Francisco between November 15 and 17, extended an invitation to Mexico.

    I would like, if your schedule allows it, that before (the APEC meeting) you can be in Mexico”, Lopez Obrador said in the letter, as he read in his morning press conference.

    According to the text, the president indicated his desire to talk with Biden about “matters of public interest” in addition to greeting each other “as friends.”

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    But also, he said, he would take the opportunity to show him some of the country’s projects.

    We could see, for example, how in Altamira, Tamaulipas, the United States Ford company and the Federal Electricity Commission, a public company in our country, are installing a liquefaction plant in the Gulf of Mexico to export gas to Europe,” he specified.

    Also, he added, they could visit the port of Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, in the Mexican Pacific, where the Danish company Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is about to begin construction of a green hydrogen plant to supply ships with this clean fuel and avoid pollution in the seas of the world.

    Or it would also be very interesting if you knew an archaeological site of the great Mayan civilization in the southeast that summarizes the history, culture and art in our America”, he emphasized.

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    He recalled that with the construction of 1,550 kilometers of modern passenger trains in Mexico, the country will expose this type of thing to the world, in addition to the fact that tourists will be able to appreciate “the exuberant tropical jungle with its native fauna and the beautiful coastline of the Caribbean Sea and its lagoons of up to seven colors”.

    In the letter, Lopez Obrador highlighted the good relations with the United States and the importance of the trade agreement, in addition to recognizing the intervention of US officials to address issues such as public health and safety.

    He also highlighted “achievements” in terms of migration with a humanitarian dimension, drug and arms control.

    Likewise, he recognized Biden’s initiatives to open a formal migration channel that has allowed Cubans, Haitians, Venezuelans and Nicaraguans to enter the United States legally, in addition to thanking him because he is the only president in “decades” not to “advertise ” building walls.

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    You are the first president in decades who does not advertise by building walls.on our border, far from acting in an irresponsible and inhumane manner as the governor of Texas (the Republican Greg Abbott) does, by placing buoys with barbed wire in the Rio Grande, even violating our sovereignty,” he settled.

    With information from Efe.

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    Source: La Opinion

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