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    “Already in a Very Vulnerable Position”: Writer Predicts Trump Org to Shut Down Soon

    Trump Nation author Tim O’Brien has said that he Trump Organization will close shortly and that there are several signs of an imminent collapse.

    In an interview with MSNBC, the writer said that one of the signs that makes him think that the former president’s company will close its doors is the plea agreement of Trump’s financial director, Allen Weisselberg.

    Weisselberg admitted that the Trump Organization under his responsibility as CFO he evaded payroll taxes for 15 years.

    Under the plea agreement, Allen H. Weisselberg is expected to receive five months in prison and with time credited for good behavior he is likely to serve a 100-day sentence. One of Trump’s most trusted executives, who in the first instance faced up to 15 years behind bars, he will also have to pay nearly $2 million in taxes.

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    “Weisselberg, if you are found to have lied during that testimony could face up to 15 years in prison instead of a five-month sentence he would otherwise receiveTim O’Brien told Newsweek. “So you will be incentivized to answer all the questions prosecutors ask you about a wide range of financial issues in the Trump Organization.”

    Tim O’Brien told the same outlet that such an outcome could bankrupt the Trump Organization.

    “He is already in a very vulnerable position”, narrowed down “Donald Trump in the worst business you can imagine during the COVID-19 era: urban real estate and essentially tourism and hospitality businesses, he has a huge debt against those businesses and he is personally going to need a substantial amount. Also possibly reeling financially. I think a lot of this will come to a head in the fall.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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