PoliticsAlina Habba steps down as Trump's lead lawyer in E.Jean Carroll rape...

    Alina Habba steps down as Trump’s lead lawyer in E.Jean Carroll rape case

    The legal representative of Donald Trump, Alina Habba, as well as their legal partner, Michael Madaio, tendered their resignation as lead counsel defending the ex-president in a pending lawsuit for sexual abuse against him, court documents show.

    He was the defense attorney Joe Tacopina who joined Trump’s defense team as lead counsel while his client heads into a potential trial for the rape case brought by writer E. Jean Carroll who ensures that Donald Trump abused her in the changing room of one of the Bergdorf Goodman stores in the 90s.

    Caroll’s representative, Roberta Kaplan, revealed through an open letter that Habba planned to withdraw from the case entirely. “Yesterday, the lawyer of Habba Madaio & Associates LLP told us that they intend to withdraw from this case.leaving Mr. Tacopina as sole attorney.”

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    Despite Kaplan’s statement, Habba denied what was said by his colleague. In an interview with Insider, she said that she was dedicated to representing Trump, making it clear that she was not leaving. “I have not retired, I do not plan to retire.”

    Meanwhile, Tacopina told the aforementioned medium that “I’m not replacing it” although he confirmed that “I am going to enter with the main lawyer in the case to judge the case.”

    Tacopina’s arrival comes weeks after a Florida federal judge, Donald M. Middlebrooks, sanctioned Habba and Trump in a separate case and imposed a ban on them. $1 million dollar fine.

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    After the order of sanctions, Habba withdrew a separate lawsuit pending before the same judge of Florida alleging that New York Attorney General Letitia James attacked Trump for political reasons.

    Habba also represents Trump in the New York attorney general casebut things are not going well; Letitia James seeks sanctions against her for “meritless” responses to the attorney general’s lawsuit, including claims that the Trump Organization does not actually exist as a legal entity and is simply shorthand for branding.

    Habba did not appear in court for a hearing on Wednesday. in the morning about Letitia James’s claim for sanctions, but who was assisted was Madaio, her legal partner, who refused to explain why the lawyer was not present “she simply could not be here.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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