PoliticsAlexandria Ocasio Cortez proudly says: "I am a Puerto Rican, so you...

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez proudly says: “I am a Puerto Rican, so you know it”

    The representative of New York, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez closed her message with one of the most famous phrases of the Puerto Ricansafter being approved by the House of Representatives the bill 8393 that proposes a federal plebiscite that allows Puerto Rico to decide on its territory.

    “I am a Puerto Rican, so that you know it”, that was how he ended his speech Democrat Ocasio Cortez after the bill is passed with 233 votes in favor, and it was in response to Jennifer Gonzalez, who questioned in recent days about its origins, since she did not care that the project will advance.

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    The hypocrisies of life, of those who call themselves Puerto Ricans, but they are not willing to treat Puerto Ricans as equals,” Gonzalez said.

    The congresswoman limited herself to responding via Twitter: “If you have something real to say, you can tell me in person.. We have been in the chamber of the Chamber all week and she has not said a word to me, “said AOC.

    The measure achieved a multi-party, historical and unprecedented agreement on the island, which included the ideals of the different political parties. The legislation proposes a plebiscite between statehood, free association and independence for November 5, 2023.

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    The plan is supported by the government of the president Joe Bidenwhich this Thursday announced the importance of moving forward with the plan.

    “For too long, the residents of Puerto Rico, more than three million United States citizens, have been deprived of the opportunity to determine their own political future and they have not received all the rights and benefits of their citizenship,” the Biden Administration said.

    Alexandria Ocasio thanked her mentor, Representative Nydia Velazquez, “who has fought for the people of Puerto Rico throughout his career and his entire life.” Likewise, he recognized the member of the United States House of Representatives Raul Grijalva for raising this issue and for making it a priority.

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    Source: La Opinion

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