Politics2023: Democrats and Republicans measure forces in the run-up to the presidential...

    2023: Democrats and Republicans measure forces in the run-up to the presidential election

    The so-called “red wave” of the Republicans became a “small splash” on November 8 past, but the Democrats also failed to evade the drenched in the electoral process, resulting in a reorganization of forces that will take new shape in 2023.

    The Democrats have a majority in the Senate, although they lost the senator kyrsten sinema (Arizona), who is now independent, but at least they maintain control of committees, like the Judiciary, that will allow the president Joe Biden advance in the appointment of judges.

    The Democratic majority, which will once again be led by Chuck Schumer (New York), will also be able to stop some Republican attacks from the House of Representatives.

    This year several investigations of President Biden and his team are expected, including the scandal of his son Hunter Biden.

    In addition, the Republicans have promised an impeachment trial to the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkasdue to the situation at the border, in the midst of strong pressure on the increase of immigrants and Title 42 for their expedited expulsion.

    The Republican House also has an inquiry into the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan up its sleeve. Although that was a decision signed by the former president donald trump Republicans are expected to focus on how dozens of Afghans wanted to flee, prompting scenes of people clinging to the wings of planes, as well as the attack near Kabul airport that killed 13 US servicemen and about 170 Afghans.

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    The stage in Congress will be hot enough to level the ground towards the 2024 electoral process. At the end of 2023, the presidential contenders will begin to take their course, although former President Trump has already gone ahead.

    Bargaining for bipartisan projects, including immigration reform, is uncertain, no matter how urgent it is for the country.

    To better gauge the measurement of forces, out of just over 107.6 million votes cast last November, according to Cook Political Report’s national popular vote tracker, the Republicans won 50.6 percent of the House vote versus 47.8 percent of Democrats.

    This year, former President Trump could face greater problems with the results of investigations against him, mainly after the recommendation of the Select Committee on January 6, 2021 that the Department of Justice will file criminal charges.

    To do that, prosecutors will need to conduct an investigation into the results of the bipartisan panel’s inquiry.

    Trump faces two processes before federal prosecutors, one about the transfer of classified documents to his personal residence in Mar-a-Lago, and one more about the attack on the Capitol, an investigation that has led to the arrest and sentencing of several implicated, followers of the MAGA movement.

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    There are other investigations against the ex-president, including legal battles in the New York attorney general’s office, led by Letitia James, and the judicial process on the alleged fraud of the Trump Organization, an issue that could also find an echo in a federal court.

    We also have to wait and see how these investigations affect the plan for 2024 of the former president, who could face the governor of Florida as a challenger, Ron DeSantisconsidered the biggest winner of last November’s elections.

    President Biden will have to decide whether to run for re-election or leave the way for other Democrats to seek to keep the party in power.

    First lady Jill Biden was asked about a possible re-election campaign, but said she has not discussed it with the president.

    The presidential family vacations could be used to make a decision, CNN indicated, taking into consideration that Biden would be 82 years old when competing to remain in charge of the government.

    Democrats will also have to take into account the president’s popularity, which has seen a recent but minimal uptick. He started his administration with 53% approval, had its lowest moment in July 2021 with 37%, and is currently registering 43%, according to monitoring by FiveThirtyEight.

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    The United States is one of the protagonists in the Ukraine-Russia conflict and although the Biden Administration has expressed unconditional support for the Ukrainians, it has also opened the door to a possible peace negotiation, due to the global economic impact of the Russian invasion. .

    input, the federal government will allocate an additional $40 billion to Ukraineincluding military equipment and humanitarian aid, funds recently approved by Congress.

    “It is very important that we have the formula for peace. And for that, we offer very specific steps: what the United States can do to help us implement them, ”said President Volodimir Zelensky during his visit to the White House.

    The US begins 2023 with inflation of 7.1%, after falling from 9.1%. Inflation has several factors, including the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on supply chains, but the problem increased with the invasion of Ukraine.

    The situation is so complex that not even the Federal Reserve has the formula to end the problem, acknowledged its president, Jerome Powell, who has defended the increase in interest rates as the best way.

    “We have to leave inflation behind. I wish there was a painless way to do it. There is not ”, she has said when justifying the rate hikes.

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