NewsZelensky: "Some NATO members are still afraid of Moscow"

    Zelensky: “Some NATO members are still afraid of Moscow”

    It is the factor that could leave Kiev without an invitation to the Alliance at the summit next week, according to the Ukrainian president.

    Ukraine may not get an invitation to join NATO because some members are afraid of Russia, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said during his visit to the Czech Republic.

    Speaking at a joint press conference with his Czech counterpart Petr Pavel on Thursday, the Ukrainian president said the best circumstance for kyiv at next week’s summit in Lithuania would be to receive a invitation to join the military bloc.


    “What formulation is needed for an invitation? An invitation is simply needed. There may be difficulties in getting the united support of all alliance partners. Some They keep looking at Moscow, fearing Russiaalthough I think it is a great opportunity to show the courage and strength of the alliance,” Zelensky said.

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    He stressed that his country needs “motivation”, a “clear signal” and “honesty” in its relations with the Alliance.

    The Ukrainian leader explained that during his talks with the Czech leadership, the strengthening of Ukraine’s defense in its conflict with Russia was addressed, as well as the interaction with Prague at all levels, including its support for the peace formula proposed by Kiev.

    As the NATO summit, due to take place in Vilnius on July 11-12, approaches, Kiev has revived its calls for the Atlantic Alliance to extend a formal invitation and set more precise dates for membership. .

    Thus, Zelenski expressed in an interview with CNN this week that an invitation at this time would be a great motivation for soldiers Ukrainians fighting against Russia. “It’s very important to feel like you really surround yourself with allies for the future,” she stressed.

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    Igor Zhovkva, the Ukrainian president’s top diplomatic adviser, recently told Reuters that Zelensky will not participate in the upcoming NATO summit if member countries do not start Ukraine’s accession process. “What we are asking is let the process begin“, declared the diplomat, hitting a table, as described by the agency.

    “Bring Ukraine closer to NATO”

    However, the Alliance countries have not reached a shared view on the right time for Ukraine to join them. In addition, some Western states are evaluating with caution any steps that could lead to an escalation of the conflict with Russia.

    Last month, the Alliance’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, declared that “all the allies agree that Ukraine will become a member of NATO,” but, he said, at the Vilnius summit they are not going to discuss a invitation, but how can “bring Ukraine closer to NATO”. At a press conference, he pointed out the slim chances of Ukraine to join NATO if you don’t beat Russia.

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    NATO’s expansion principles stipulate that the resolution of territorial disputes constitutes “a factor in determining whether a State is invited to join the Alliance.”

    • At the Bucharest summit in 2008, the Atlantic Alliance promised Ukraine and Georgia that they would be part of the organization, without specifying a specific date. In March 2018, kyiv was awarded the applicant status a member of NATO, and later, in February 2019, established in its Constitution the intention of joining the military bloc, as well as the European Union. In the midst of the war with Russia, Ukraine submitted in September 2022 a request for accelerated accession to the Alliance.
    • Russia has repeatedly requested that NATO halt its eastward expansionthat it does not deploy its military infrastructure near the Russian borders and that Ukraine do not adhere to the organization.

    Source: RT

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