NewsZelensky is shown with Ukrainian troops as Putin deals with the consequences...

    Zelensky is shown with Ukrainian troops as Putin deals with the consequences of the mutiny

    The Ukrainian president citalizes on the impact of the rebellion in Russia.

    kyiv, Ukraine – The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyvisited frontline positions on Monday, showing unity with his troops, as Russia continued to grple with the fallout from a brief military mutiny.

    In a series of photos, videos and messages posted on social media, Zelensky was shown addressing soldiers and meeting with commanders.

    Zelensky speaking with commanders while visiting the country’s Armed Forces at a front line position in the direction of Berdyansk, Ukraine. EFE/EPA/PRESIDTIAL PRESS SERVICE OF UKRAINE.

    He said the photos and videos were taken in the east of the country, where kyiv forces are carrying out a counteroffensive to retake territory from Russian control.

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    “It is very important to be here today,” Zelensky wrote in a message on Telegramexplaining his trip to the Donetsk regionin eastern Ukraine.

    In other messages, Zelensky thanked the soldiers for their defense of Ukraine, independence and freedom;

    called it an “honor to be with our heroes”; and posed for selfies with soldiers.

    The remarks came as the Kremlin tried to portray the Russian military as returning to normal after a weekend rebellion that shook the authority of the Russian president. Vladimir Putinin which mutinous mercenaries from the private military company Wagner, which has helped Russia’s war in Ukraine, came within 200 kilometers of Moscow.

    With questions still hanging in the air Monday over the ramifications of the armed uprising, and as Putin made his first public comments since the revolt was called off on Saturday to thank the Russian military for repelling the rebellion, Zelensky’s office seemed interested. in accentuating his relationship with Ukrainian troops.

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    Zelensky’s office posted a photo on Telegram during Putin’s brief televised speech, showing Zelensky standing at a table with a commander.

    It is not clear what effect the turmoil in Russia will have on the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

    So far, the situation on the front has not changed significantly, although it remains possible that Ukraine will try to exploit any disorder perceived in Russia.

    In the early hours of Monday, the Ukrainian authorities reported that Kiev forces had rectured the small town of Rivnopil, in the east of the country, near a series of settlements that they retook earlier in the month.

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    “We are making progress,” General Oleksandr Syrsky, commander of Ukraine’s ground forces, said in a Telegram message.

    But Ukrainian officials said the fighting was still fierce and that Russia had increased their attacks in the East.

    Zelensky acknowledged that the eastern front was “very difficult and hot” on Monday, according to his office, which said he had told soldiers that “everyone in the country who is not on the front is well aware that you are doing the hardest job today.”

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