NewsZajarova: "If there was a way to destroy Russia, the US would...

    Zajarova: “If there was a way to destroy Russia, the US would do it instantly”

    Previously, the White House spokeswoman had stated that “if there were a way to suspend Russia from the UN Security Council”, the US would “follow it instantly”, lamenting that the UN rules go against of Washington’s interests.

    Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reacted on Thursday to a statement by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about Washington’s desire to “exclude” Moscow from among the permanent members. of the UN Security Council.

    “If there was a way to destroy Russia, they would do it instantly. If there was a way to seize all the oil, all the gas, all the gold, all the diamonds, all the drinking water, and everything in the world, they would do it instantly.“Zajarova emphasized through her Telegram channel. “If there was a way to take over the universe, they would do it instantly too,” she added.

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    “But there is no way to do it, thank God. Or else they would do all of that instantly,” he stressed.

    Earlier, the US spokeswoman said at a press conference that the Joe Biden Administration supports a congressional resolution, introduced this week by parliamentarians Joe Wilson and Steve Cohen, to suspend Russia from the Security Council, but does not see a way forward. to implement it under UN regulations.

    “If there was a way to suspend Russia from the UN Security Council, we would follow it immediately,” Karine Jean-Pierre said. “Unfortunately, we don’t see the UN rules changing, so we are focused on continuing to take steps to isolate Russia,” she added.

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    Source: RT

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