NewsYemenSaudi Arabia offers to Houthi rebels a cease-fire in Yemen

    Saudi Arabia offers to Houthi rebels a cease-fire in Yemen

    The Saudi Arabian government has proposed on Monday a ceasefire supervised by the United Nations in Yemen, as well as the reopening of the airport in the capital, Sana’a, according to Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan.

    Riyadh has raised the creation of an “initiative” to end the conflict and “reach a comprehensive political solution”, which also includes the payment of taxes and customs revenues for ships with oil derivatives docking at the port of Hoderda, in western Yemen, according to ‘Al Watan’.

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    Bin Farhan, however, has qualified that the kingdom reserves “its full right” to defend its territory, citizens and residents from “systematic attacks” carried out by the Houthis with Iranian backing against civilian targets and facilities important to “the global economy and energy security”.

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    In this regard, Raid has once again stressed “its total rejection of Iranian interference in the region”, as it considers this to be “the main reason” for the prolongation of the Yemeni crisis, as well as its support “for the Yemeni people and their legitimate government”.

    The Saudi Foreign Minister has urged the Yemeni authorities recognized by Riyadh, as well as the Houthis, to accept this plan, as it would be supervised by the United Nations.

    Coinciding with this initiative, the United States announced a conversation between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Saudi Foreign Minister, to whom he conveyed Washington’s support for “efforts” to stabilize the region, “beginning with the need for all parties to commit to a cease-fire and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid.”

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    “Secretary Blinken reiterated our commitment to support Saudi Arabia’s defense and strongly condemned the recent attacks on its territory by Iran-aligned groups,” State Department spokesman Ned Price has said.

    Price also reported that Blinken “underscored the importance of continued progress on human rights and expressed support for Saudi Arabia’s ongoing social and economic reforms”.

    The war in Yemen pits the internationally recognized government, led by Abdo Rabbu Mansur Hadi and supported by an international coalition, against the Iranian-backed Houthis. The rebels control the capital and other areas in the north and west of the country.

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    The conflict in Yemen has escalated on several fronts in recent months, despite international mediation efforts, in a war that has led to what is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Currently, nearly 80 percent of the population, some 24 million people, are in need of assistance in the country, where more than 20 million are food insecure.

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