NewsYemenHouthis claim to have attacked an airport in Saudi Arabia

    Houthis claim to have attacked an airport in Saudi Arabia

    The Houthis claimed Tuesday to have attacked with a drone the airport of the Saudi city of Abha, a day after rejecting the ceasefire proposal for Yemen presented by Riyadh, which supports the internationally recognized government in the framework of the conflict in the country.

    The spokesman for Houthi military operations, Yahya Sari, has indicated through his account on the social network Twitter that the airport has been reached and stressed that operations will continue “as long as the aggression and blockade” on Yemen continue.

    He stressed that the attack against Abha airport was carried out with a Qasef-2k drone “as part of the legitimate response to the intensification of aggression and the total blockade against Yemen”.

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    On the other hand, Sari said that the Houthi air defense systems have shot down a US spy drone type MQ9 in the province of Marib, the scene of an upsurge in fighting in recent weeks.

    Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan stressed on Monday during the announcement of the ceasefire proposal that the aim is to “reach a comprehensive political solution”, while stressing that Riyadh reserves “its full right” to defend its territory, citizens and residents from “systematic attacks” carried out by the Houthis.

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    In response, Houthi spokesman Mohamed Abdul Salam said the proposal will be rejected since “any initiative that does not warn that Yemen has been under aggression and blockade for six years and separates the humanitarian side from any military or political pact is neither serious nor new.”

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    For its part, the internationally recognized government has applauded Riyadh’s proposal and accused the Houthis of “prolonging the humanitarian crisis” in the Asian country.

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    The war in Yemen pits the internationally recognized government, led by Abdo Rabbu Mansur Hadi and supported by an international coalition led by Saudi Arabia, against the Houthis, backed by Iran.

    The rebels control Sana’a and other areas in the north and west of the country. The conflict has escalated on several fronts in recent months, despite international mediation efforts, in a war that has led to what is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

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