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    Xiomara Castro asks the UN to end the “neoliberal economic dictatorship” and world “colonialism”

    The president of Honduras spoke at the 77th Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

    The president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, called on Tuesday to end the “neoliberal economic dictatorship” and world “colonialism”, speaking at the 77th Regular Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), In New York.

    The president considered it a “historic event” to have become the first woman in history to lead the country, “after going through 13 years of dictatorship.”

    The leader of the Libertad y Refundacion (Libre) Party recalled that her country had to endure the 2009 coup, the 2013 and 2017 electoral frauds, a pandemic and two hurricanes.

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    For the president, “it is impossible to understand the Honduran men and women and the great caravans of migrants without recognizing this context of cruel suffering.” However, she considered that electoral democracy is not enough to obtain the material and spiritual well-being of the Honduran people.

    “For our country to survive, we must reject this presumed austerity that rewards those who concentrate wealth in a few hands, and increases inequality exponentially,” he analyzed.

    And he stated that his nation “never again” will carry “the stereotype of the Banana Republic.”

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    “We find this arbitrary world order unacceptable where there are third and fourth category countries, while those who think they are civilized do not get tired of carrying out invasions, wars, financial speculation and crucifying us with their inflation,” Castro said.

    In addition, he said that the great powers have caused enormous damage to poor countries with wars and interventionism. “We want to live in peace, don’t keep trying to destabilize Honduras or choose who we should relate to,” she added.

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    The head of state arrived in the US last weekend accompanied by her private secretary, Hector Manuel Zelaya; the chancellor, Eduardo Enrique Reina; the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock, Laura Suazo, and the Minister of Education, Daniel Sponda.

    Source: RT

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