NewsWSJ: West plans to pressure UAE to stop trade ties with Russia

    WSJ: West plans to pressure UAE to stop trade ties with Russia

    The US, the UK and the EU want the Arab country to stop sales of dual-use products to Moscow.

    USAhe United Kingdom and the European Union They plan to jointly put pressure on the United Arab Emirates to stop sales of dual-use products to Russiareports The Wall Street Journal citing its sources.

    Western officials plan to travel to the Arab country this week to discuss the issue. They intend to keep computer chips, electronic components as well as other types of items that can have both civil and military purposes, away from Moscow so that they do not provide advantage in the Ukrainian conflict.

    The world laughs at the EU for sanctions against Russia, says the chancellor of a country in the bloc

    Furthermore, they fear that because Abu Dhabi, like many other states that are not part of the G7, chose not to join the anti-Russian sanctions, “more and more products made in the West are channeled to Russia through the United Arab Emirateswhile the US has pressured other countries, including Russia’s neighbors like Armenia, to take drastic measures against the trade,” the outlet notes.

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    However, it is detailed that the Arab country, despite being a former partner of Western nations, does not intend to break its ties with Moscow since its Government adheres to “a foreign policy strategy of broad international commitment in a global order.” “what do you consider”increasingly multipolar“.

    The UAE’s response

    An Emirati official told Reuters that his country “strictly complies with UN sanctions and has clear and solid processes for dealing with sanctioned entities.”

    Baerbock recognizes the lack of effect of anti-Russian sanctions

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    In this sense, he specified that “they are continuously monitoring the export of dual-use products” under their legal export control framework. “UAE banks, under the supervision of the Central Bank and other relevant authorities, monitor compliance with the sanctions imposed on Russia to avoid violations of international law,” the source said.

    It is not the first attempt to apply pressure

    In early March, the British newspaper Financial Times already reported that the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom are pressuring the United Arab Emirates to suspend exports to Russia of certain products that could supposedly be used for military purposes.

    Senior Western officials visited the Arab nation to present to the Emirati authorities the scope of trade restrictions and insist that they take drastic measures against suspicions of non-compliance with sanctions of the West.

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    In 2022, trade between the Persian Gulf country and Russia increased significantly compared to the previous year, with electronic parts and microchips being the products that experienced the greatest increase. EU special envoy for sanctions David O’Sullivan said there had been “unusual spikes” in Russia’s trade with certain states.

    The first discussions with Abu Dhabi came at a time when the West has decided focus on sanctions compliance anti-Russian measures, instead of imposing new packages of restrictive measures against Moscow. US authorities warned companies in “any” of the aforementioned countries that are at risk. risk of being sanctioned in case they sell critical goods to Russia that can be used in the military sphere.

    Source: RT

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