NewsWrapped in a wave of femicides, the disappearance of three women shocks...

    Wrapped in a wave of femicides, the disappearance of three women shocks Mexico

    The Prosecutor’s Office handles the case with the utmost discretion so as not to put the integrity of the young women at risk, since it is believed that they are still alive.

    Tania, Yatzell and Patricia went out to a bar and were never seen again. The phrase is repeated on social networks to denounce a new case of disappearances in Mexico, a country that does not give up.

    Since November 8, they have been looking for Tania Arizbeth Chavarria Cordoba, Yatzell Ilu Morazan Loredo, both 26 years old, and Patricia Del Carmen Iraheta Iraheta, 29 years old and originally from El Salvador.

    The last time they were seen was on November 7 when they went to La Gozadera, a bar in Ciudad Fernandez, in the Mexican state of San Luis de Potosi.

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    According to the local press, the authorities, who reviewed the security cameras and interviewed several people, They found their belongings and the motorcycle on which they were traveling at the premises. Relatives and neighbors have held several protests in the municipality to demand that the searches be intensified.

    “Possibly at risk”

    In statements to the media, the head of the State Attorney General’s Office, Jose Luis Ruiz Contreras, explained that on November 11, a search of a farm in the municipality of Rioverde, because one of the lines of investigation suggested that they could be there.

    Although the young women were not found, information was obtained to advance the case, which is carried out with the utmost discretion so as not to put the integrity of the disappeared at risk, since it is believed that they are still alive.

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    “It is one of the lines that have been strengthened that are probably well, they are alive. However, there are other lines that allow us to establish that they are possibly at risk,” he assured.

    The prosecutor explained that they work in coordination with the State Commission for the Search of Persons (CEBP) to reinforce the prompt location. The press says they have been launched canine pairs in gaps and fields.

    The 'crime' of being a woman: the cruel anatomy of femicide in Mexico

    The records of the Prosecutor’s Office, which has its networks full of posters with disappeared and disappeared, detail some of the peculiarities of the three girls: Tania, for example, has a scar on the right side of the abdomen, while Yatzell has a tattoo on the back and Patricia another on the right forearm with Arabic letters.

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    On Sunday, also in Ciudad Fernandez, the authorities reported the discovery of the lifeless body of Marion Izaguirre, 30, who had disappeared on Saturday.

    “Obviously, something is happening because of the alerts that have been generated,” admitted the prosecutor.

    Izaguirre’s murder adds to the wave of femicides that Mexico is experiencing. Cases like those of Ariadna Fernanda Lopez Diaz, Lidia Gabriela, Monica Citlalli Diaz or Jazmin Zarate shocked society last week.

    Only between January and September 2022, the Mexican authorities reported 695 femicides Y 2,136 murders of women in the country. In addition, there are 50,812 female victims of intentional injuries and 497 cases of trafficking in women.

    Source: RT

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