NewsWith cell phones on their heads, Bolsonarists ask aliens for help after...

    With cell phones on their heads, Bolsonarists ask aliens for help after Lula’s victory (VIDEO)

    The group of protesters performed a kind of ritual in Porto Alegre that has caused a barrage of jokes on the networks.

    A group of supporters of the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, carried out a particular form of protest after the defeat of their leader in the run-off on October 30. With their cell phones on their foreheads, their flashlights turned on and pointing towards the sky, they performed a kind of ritual in which they supposedly asked “aliens” for help.

    The scene, which went viral on social networks, was captured by photographer Marcelo Nunes in Porto Alegre, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

    “People, I went for a bike ride as I always do. I recorded this pearl of coup plotters asking the aliens for help with a cell phone on his head, making light signals and asking the ‘general’ for help,” Nunes explained.

    The recording shows the group of Bolsonaristas, with shirts and Brazilian flags, forming a circle with the phones on their heads and raising and lowering their hands, in a I try to send a signal to heaven. A woman says, “Look our way, General”; and another exclaims: “SOS”.

    The militants carried out this act in the Historic Center of the city, in front of the Southern Military Command, where the mobilizations against the victory of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the elections took place.

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    unidentified lights

    According to the press, in early November, and for several nights in a row, unidentified lights were seen in the sky of Porto Alegre. In the reports collected by the Salgado Filho Airport Control Center, more than one pilot claimed to have seen lights on the horizon.

    “I attribute it to diffuse reflection of a light between the clouds towards Porto Alegre, which can be generated by a light bulb or even by some object. It’s not uncommon,” Carlos Jung, head of the Heller&Jung Space Observatory, told G1.

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    Other specialists consulted by Folha de Sao Paulo linked him to common celestial phenomena to which many people are paying more attention.

    The case had an impact on the networks and many Internet users questioned the possible presence of aliens. And the group of Bolsonarista militants tried their luck, which generated a barrage of jokes on social media.

    “Without human support, patriots try to convince aliens to support the coup,” joked one netizen.

    And another commented: “The aliens are already in Porto Alegre. It is already confirmed, next year Bolsonaro will govern in Lula’s body.”

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    “Discovered the mystery of the lights seen by airplane pilots that flew through the skies of Porto Alegre. They were aliens in contact with the Bolsonaristas, those unemployed who have been sowing terror in the center of the capital for 22 days, confronting the workers who have to pass through there,” said another user.

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    Source: RT

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