NewsWith an impressive bombardment, Ukraine destroyed the Russian missile system in Crimea

    With an impressive bombardment, Ukraine destroyed the Russian missile system in Crimea

    It is a medium and long range position type S-400 Triumph. “It will have an impact on what hpens from now on,” official sources said.

    Ukraine’s military intelligence (GUR) assured this Wednesday the destruction, as a result of “an explosion”, of a Russian S-400 medium- and long-range missile system who was stationed on the western tip of the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula, which has been occupied by Russia since 2014.

    On Wednesday, around 10:00 a.m. (local time, 7:00 GMT), in the village of Olenka at Ce Tarjankut, temporarily occupied Crimea, there was an explosion that destroyed a Russian long-range and medium-range anti-aircraft missile system S- 400 Triumf, requires a statement from the GUR.

    The explosion, the official note continues, also destroyed the missiles used by this system and eliminated the Russian military personnel who were in the area.

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    According to Ukrainian military intelligence, Russia has a “limited number” of such missile systems. “It is a hard blow to the air defense systems of the occupiers.s, which will have a significant impact on what hpens from now on in Crimea”, concludes the GUR text.

    This last statement points to an intensification of drone attacks against infrastructure of military utility in Crimea.

    Ukraine has redoubled its attacks on ports, airfields and other strategic military installations within the Russian Federation or in occupied territories such as Crimea in recent weeks.

    The Army and the Ukrainian secret services developed air and sea attack drones long-distance weons with which they have hit some of these targets that the kyiv forces were unable to hit in earlier phases of this war.

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    Ukraine celebrates its Independence Day amid a slow counteroffensive

    After months of stockpiling Western weons, the Ukrainian army launched a major military operation in the south and east in June to retake its occupied territories.

    Russia used that time to build up its defensive lines, which include massive minefields, so that despite fierce fighting, Ukrainian advances are limited to a handful of towns.

    Vitali, who like all soldiers cannot give his last name, admits that before a front of about 1,000 kilometers, the army is too spread out. “I agree, it’s taking longer,” admitted the 21-year-old military man, on leave in kyiv. “I have the impression that there are not enough men or material.”

    US media began reporting that Washington, a booster of military aid to Ukraine, is becoming increasingly cautious about kyiv’s ability to retake a sizeable chunk of its territory.

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    especially seeing that losses mount, with 70,000 Ukrainian military dead in 18 months according to US sources from the New York Times. The Russian balance would be higher, with 120,000 dead, but its reserves are much more important, a long-term advantage.

    Ukrainian officials insist they always knew the battle would be long and difficult. And that it was the expectations that were unrealistic. Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba told AFP that the country’s determination remained intact “no matter how long it takes” to win.

    In Russia, Vladimir Putin has already declared the counteroffensive a failure. Experts point out that Moscow continues to have an advantage in men, material and ammunition.

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    Source: Clarin

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