News"When I ran for president...": The White House spokeswoman publishes a wrong...

    “When I ran for president…”: The White House spokeswoman publishes a wrong post on her X account

    Users of the platform shared screenshots of the deleted message, wondering if Karine Jean-Pierre’s intention was not to post it on the president’s account.

    The White House spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, published a statement on her X account (formerly known as Twitter) on Tuesday, speaking of promises when she aspired “to the presidency” of the United States. Thirty minutes later, the post was deletedas reported by the Washington Examiner.

    “Investing in America means investing in ALL of America,” Jean-Pierre’s tweet read. “When I ran for presidentI promised that I would not leave any part of the country behind,” the text read.

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    Users of the platform have shared screenshots of the deleted publication, wondering if the intention of the spokesperson would not be to publish that same statement, but on the account of the US president, Joe Biden.

    Although it is not known for certain if the message was meant to appear on Biden’s account, the post which was published on behalf of the president at the same time as Jean-Pierre’s statement (15:05 local time) spoke of an “investment of 3,000 million dollars” for wind energy in the United States.

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    Source: RT

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