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    What is known about the fall of the helicopter that cost the life of the leadership of the Interior in Ukraine

    The damaged aircraft is a Super Puma, manufactured by the Airbus Helicopters company, which is used in the country’s security forces and was purchased in France.

    On Wednesday morning, an EC 225 Super Puma helicopter crashed near a kindergarten and a block of flats in the city of Brovary, in the kyiv region, triggering a large fire there.

    According to the latest balance, among the remains of the accident were 14 lifeless bodies, including that of a child. The nine people who were on the plane, including the head of the Ministry of the Interior of the country, lost their lives in the accident. The wallet holder Denis Monastyrskiy, its first deputy director Evgeny Jenin and the state secretary of the Interior, Yuri Lubkovich, are among the dead. While, 25 people were injuredincluding 11 minors.

    Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal has already announced that the head of the National Police, Igor Klymenko, will serve as acting head of the Interior Ministry.

    After the news was released, a video supposedly recorded minutes before the catastrophe began to circulate on the networks in which the Super Puma, manufactured by the Airbus company, was seen. The aircraft was flying at low altitude and in bad weather conditions due to fog. The deputy head of the Office of the Ukrainian President, Kiril Timoshenko, stated that Monastyrskiy and members of his entourage were heading to “a hot spot where combat actions take place“.

    For his part, the spokesman for the country’s Air Force, Yuri Ignat, specified that the super cougar He was assigned to the State Emergency Service. The spokesman stated that this type of device was delivered to all law enforcement agencies in the country.

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    Versions of the accident

    for now, The exact cause is unknown of the accident. To investigate the circumstances of what happened, the country’s president, Vladimir Zelensky, gave orders to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU, for its acronym in Russian), the National Police and other relevant bodies.

    The SBU has already opened a preliminary investigation into the accident and is considering three versions of the origin of the tragedy: technical failures, violation of flight regulations and “deliberate actions” to destroy the helicopter.

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    Meanwhile, a witness told local media that the aircraft was already on fire during the flight. “It turned, it burned and it flew in this direction. I deduce that he chose the smaller object, because there was a two-story building and here is a ten-story building. It’s a kindergarten,” the woman said, as quoted by Suspilne.

    FIRST IMAGES of the deadly helicopter crash near a kindergarten in the kyiv region

    Helicopters of dubious quality?

    The modified model H225 (or EC 225) Super Puma helicopter that crashed on Wednesday was bought by the Ukrainian authorities in France in 2018. In total, the supply of 55 helicopters of the H145, H125 and H225 models was planned. Paris gave part of the total sum of 551 million euros to cover the purchase on credit, reported the portal

    Precisely, the H225 model had a series of technical defects, for which the manufacturer Airbus Helicopters was facing several lawsuits for “an inherent problem in the main gearbox“, already reported in 2016 the specialized magazine Vertical.

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    The outlet pointed out that the helicopters in question suffered from “a catastrophic failurewhich translated into the separation of the main rotor from the fuselage. These findings were published after the crash of an H225 off the coast of Norway. in April 2016 which cost the lives of 13 people. In a similar disaster in 2009, an AS332 L2 Super Puma model crashed off Scotland after a rotor detached from the fuselage. In that tragedy, 16 people lost their lives.

    Following the 2016 accident, civil aviation authorities in many countries around the world, including Norway, the UK and the US, issued temporary bans for flights of the H225 and AS332 L2 variants. However, the restrictions were lifted in the summer of 2017, after Airbus Helicopters claimed to have introduced modifications in helicopters and in their maintenance to correct defects.

    Source: RT

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