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    Virgin Galactic sends tourists to space for the second time on a suborbital flight (VIDEOS)

    The three tourists rose to an altitude of 88.5 kilometers with the American company’s VSS Unity ship.

    The American company Virgin Galactic successfully carried out a second space flight with tourists this Friday, the company’s third at a suborbital level and of a commercial nature.

    The mission, called Galactic 03, took off from the Spaceport America launch site in New Mexico on a VSS Unity spacecraft, with three tourists and a crew of three on board. Among the passengers were Ken Baxter, an American real estate investor who bought the first ticket for the Virgin Galactic flight; Timothy Nash, from South Africa, and Adrian Reynard, from the United Kingdom.

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    The flight lasted one hour. During the first part of the journey, VSS Unity was attached to the VMS Eve transport aircraft, which raised it for 45 minutes to an altitude of 13.6 kilometers. Then the ship started its engine and rose to an altitude of 88.5 kilometersuntil it was placed 1.5 kilometers from the Karman line, the internationally recognized limit where outer space begins.

    Passengers had the opportunity to feel weightlessness for a few minutes and enjoy panoramic views of the Earth. The VSS Unity landed safely at the launch site.

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    The company announced that it will carry out post-flight inspections and analyzes and will begin preparations for the next commercial space mission, Galactic 04, scheduled for early October.

    Source: RT

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