NewsVIDEO: Vladimir Putin's speech at the Eastern Economic Forum

    VIDEO: Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Eastern Economic Forum

    From the Kremlin they reported that the Russian president would talk about the development of the country’s Far East and international cooperation, as well as “global processes that affect everything.”

    Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech on Wednesday during the third day of the VII Eastern Economic Forum, which is being held in the Russian city of Vladivostok, in the Far East of the country.

    The president highlighted that, after the coronavirus pandemic, new global challenges have arrived, such as “the sanctioning fever of the West” and his attempts to “impose behavior models on other countries, depriving them of sovereignty and subjecting them to his will.” However, he claimed that this is nothing new, but rather a policy that the West has pursued for “decades”.

    Meanwhile, such actions were prompted by the disappearance of “US dominance in the global economy and politics.”

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    Putin stressed that “tectonic shifts” have recently occurred in the system of international relations, increasing the role of countries with many prospects that have become “new centers of economic and technological growth.” At the same time, Western countries try to “maintain the old world order”, which is in their interests, and make everyone live according to the rules that they impose, that they “invented and that they often break and constantly change” according to the situation.

    The refusal of other states to obey this “dictation and arbitrariness” causes these countries to make risky decisions from the point of view of both world security and politics and economy, and which contradict the interests of their peoples, Putin said. “The separation of the Western elites from the interests of their own citizens is increasing. Thus, the level of industrial development reached in Europe, the quality of life of the people, the social-economic stability, all this is thrown into the sanctioning oven”he claimed.

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    In this context, the Russian president recalled that many foreign companies announced their exit from the Russian market in the spring, but now it is possible to see how employment is decreasing in Europe itself, and one of the main causes is “the breaking of business ties with Russia”. “In an attempt to cope with the course of history, Western countries have undermined the key pillars of the world economic system,” he reiterated.

    Before the forum, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov told the TASS agency that the Russian leader’s speech will focus not only on the development of the Far Eastern federal district, but also on international cooperation in various fields and on the situation current in the world.

    Second day of the Eastern Economic Forum, which challenges the West's attempts to isolate Russia

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    “Of course, it is impossible to talk about the development of our region without linking it to the content of a broader context, so it will also deal with international trade and economic relations, and the political situation, which is very difficult, and, of course, in general of global processes that affect everything,” he said.

    The Eastern Economic Forum is one of the largest business events in Russia, attended by representatives from dozens of countries. This year, its motto is ‘The road to a multipolar world’ and it focuses on the development of global business cooperation in the face of the difficulties of Western sanctions. The authorities of the region have assured that, despite the sanctions they suffer from the West, they have been able to show that they continue to advance because there are many countries that want to cooperate with Russia.

    Source: RT

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