NewsVIDEO: The Russian Air Force receives a new batch of heavy fighters...

    VIDEO: The Russian Air Force receives a new batch of heavy fighters and training aircraft

    The Su-30SM2 multirole fighters are equipped with longer-range radars and missiles.

    The Russian Unified Aeronautical Corporation delivered a new batch of Su-30SM2 fighter-bombers and Yak-130 training aircraft to the national Air Force, Rostej, the conglomerate of which the companies of this group are part, said in a statement.

    The Su-30SM2 fighters are a facelifted version of earlier models in the Su-27 family. With the current modifications, the aircraft are equipped with more advanced systems in their radio-electronic equipment.

    In particular, the range of detection and identification of air targets was increased. In addition, new air-to-air and air-to-surface precision projectiles “with a range of several hundred kilometers” were added to its weapons kit, the statement reads.

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    The Yak-130 two-seater is an aircraft designed for the basic and advanced training of combat aircraft pilots, including super-maneuverable fighters of generations 4++ and 5.

    Another possible function of these aircraft is its use as a light ground attack aircraft, since the Yak-130 has six weapon hardpoints under its fuselage.

    Source: RT

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