NewsVIDEO: Russia destroys a column of Ukrainian armored vehicles

    VIDEO: Russia destroys a column of Ukrainian armored vehicles

    At least 10 vehicles, including equipment supplied by the West to kyiv, were hit.

    The Russian Ministry of Defense has published this Sunday a video that shows the destruction of a column of Ukrainian armored vehicles, in the framework of the unsuccessful attempts of the counteroffensive that the Kiev forces have been carrying out for more than a month.

    From the Russian body they detailed that at least 10 vehicles, including armored vehicles supplied to Ukraine by the West, were destroyed on the battlefield. Part of the military technique was hit by Russian artillery, while other vehicles ran over mines.

    According to the latest information bulletin from the Defense portfolio offered this Sunday, a total of 10,604 Ukrainian tanks and other armored vehicles have been destroyed since the Russian operation began on February 24, 2022.

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    Both Western and kyiv representatives have admitted that the counteroffensive is going slower than expected. Among the factors preventing Ukraine from achieving its objectives is the activity of Russian aviation and extensive minefields.

    Source: RT

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