NewsVIDEO: Nine people emerge from a collapsed gold mine in the Democratic...

    VIDEO: Nine people emerge from a collapsed gold mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    The events occurred on Saturday of last week in the province of South Kivu.

    Nine people managed to escape unharmed from a collapsed gold mine last Saturday due to heavy rains in the province of South Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo), as seen in a viral video whose veracity has been verified by Reuters.

    The footage shows a man using a shovel to dig up a steep slope of rubble as a group of people watch. At one point, a miner climbs out of the rubble and slides down the slope.

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    A few moments later, the rescuer begins to dig with his hands and, one after another, the rest of the trapped workers manage to get out in the same way, which causes a great joy among those present.

    “We quickly mobilized people to clear the rubble that blocked the entrance. It was this Saturday morning […] who managed to save these nine souls,” explained Crispin Kayuka, a civil society representative.

    Mining accidents are frequent in the African country, especially in small artisanal sites, due, in large part, to the lack of safety measures and adequate equipment for such work. In fact, earlier this month two miners lost their lives as a result of a similar accident.

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    Source: RT

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