NewsVIDEO: A patient passenger is rewarded with a flight of his own...

    VIDEO: A patient passenger is rewarded with a flight of his own after 18 hours of delay

    The man was feted by the crew.

    After nearly 18 hours of waiting at an airport, a man was rewarded for being the only person to board the flight when it finally took off, earning him a free first-class seat and a private party with the crew.

    Phil Stringer was trying to return home from Oklahoma City to Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sunday, but his flight was repeatedly delayed due to storms and other issues across the country.

    By the time the problem was fixed and the plane was ready for boarding, all the other passengers except Striger had either booked another flight or had given up flying that day. The man posted a video of his experience on TikTok. The clip racked up millions of views in just a few hours.

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    Stringer told Channel 9 on Monday that he ended up getting his own personal crew. “They had to call them: they were in their hotel, as if they were going to bed,” he said. “I felt so bad because, oh my gosh, they literally had to come here for me.”

    Despite the drawbacks, Stringer said it was a flight he’ll never forget. “We joked, we laughed…I exchanged phone numbers with them, and it’s like we’re still texting and group messaging to this day,” she commented.

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    Source: RT

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