News"Very little contributes to peace": The Colombian Defense Minister repudiates the murder...

    “Very little contributes to peace”: The Colombian Defense Minister repudiates the murder of 9 soldiers

    The official expressed condolences to the families and paid homage to the fallen soldiers.

    The Colombian Defense Minister, Ivan Velasquez, repudiated this Wednesday the attack against a military contingent in Catatumbo, department of Norte de Santander, in the northeast of the South American country, which left nine soldiers dead and eight others injured.

    “In the attack committed in Catatumbo, nine soldiers, nine fighters for peace were also assassinated; and with the feeling of repudiation for this act, which contributes very little to peace, which seems more like a contradiction to those purposes of peace“Velasquez said during an event.

    During his speech, the official expressed condolences to the families and paid tribute to the fallen soldiers.

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    A few minutes before, the Ministry of Defense published a message on its Twitter account, in which it expressed its rejection of this fact. “We regret the death of the soldiers killed. Illegal groups must understand that total peace is the way to guarantee the rights and lives of citizens“, says the text.

    The attack is attributed to the National Liberation Army (ELN), a guerrilla organization that is currently carrying out a peace dialogue with the Colombian authorities.

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    After what happened, the country’s president, Gustavo Petro, called for consultations with the government delegation that is participating in the negotiating table with the ELN, as well as with the representatives of the guarantor countries and those accompanying the dialogue.

    A peace process must be serious and responsible with Colombian society“said the Colombian president.

    Corresponding complaints

    The Colombian Military Forces reported that they will file the corresponding complaints with the competent authorities for this fact, which they consider a “serious violation of human rights and International Humanitarian Law”.

    They also indicated that maintain military operations in the area against those responsible of the attack.

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    Source: RT

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