NewsVenezuela warns that economic aggression against it affects energy companies in Europe

    Venezuela warns that economic aggression against it affects energy companies in Europe

    Vice President Delcy Rodriguez commented on the negative impact caused by the blockade imposed on her country on private companies in the euro zone.

    The economic aggression suffered by Venezuela as a result of the imposition of unilateral sanctions and coercive measures by the US and the European Union (EU), also has a serious impact on the finances of European energy companies that operate in that South American country. .

    The warning was made this Tuesday Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguezduring his speech at the second plenary session of the III Summit of Heads of State and Government of the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), held in Brussels, Belgium.

    “The economic aggression against Venezuela also it has affected many of the partners who are sitting here. In Europe, for example, the European energy companies that had business projects for the production of 130,000 barrels per day, today are at 30,000 barrels per day of production,” Rodriguez commented.

    The vice president added that the unilateral sanctions against Caracas also have a negative impact on the CELAC countries. In this sense, she gave as an example the case of the oil alliance of Caribbean countries with Venezuela (Petrocaribe)which was practically dismantled after the decree signed by former US President Barack Obama, which began the blockade against the Venezuelan oil industry and the country’s finances abroad.

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    Rodriguez explained that Petrocaribe was created as a mechanism to “alleviate the financial and economic situations” of the Caribbean countries, which consisted of allocating 130,000 barrels of oil per day to finance projects and social programs in that region. However, After Obama’s decree, the resources that Venezuela injected fell to zero.

    Another example, said the senior official, is Haiti, a country to which Venezuela provided some 4,000 million dollars through Petrocaribe over four years and that, after the impact of the sanctions, that nation has once again fallen into a deep crisis generated by social, economic and political instability with lamentable indicators of poverty and food and health insecurity.

    “Instrument of destabilization”

    Rodriguez also recalled that within Celac there are, in addition to Venezuela, two other countries “victims of the illegitimate blockade” of the West, such as Cuba and Nicaragua, for which reason he urged the eradication of this type of extraterritorial measures that contradict international legality.

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    “When we go to the region, affecting Venezuela has also had an impact on its main export product, which is energy, and there we see that the economic aggression against Venezuela has become a a true instrument of destabilization for Latin America and the Caribbean”said.

    For this reason, he indicated that global laws are the ones that can protect countries from the aggressions of “great hegemonic powers” such as the policy of the blockade, which translates into “a direct violation” of the United Nations charter and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rightswhich in its article 1.2 says that “never in any case can a people be deprived of their own means of subsistence”.

    “We are in the midst of an aggravated situation as a result of the blockade against our country, which has meant that today, for Latin America and the Caribbean, the main external flow of the region are the remittances of a precarious migrationnot only from Venezuela, from many of the countries affected by this situation,” Rodriguez added.

    Delcy Rodriguez demands that the Paraguayan government "honor the debt" it has with Venezuela

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    The Venezuelan vice president commented that scenarios such as the CELAC-EU summit are conducive to asserting the United Nations charter, the principle of sovereign equality of States and to correct imbalances such as those presented by both blockswhich are reflected in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is higher in Europe, or in the emission of greenhouse gases, which the EU triples with respect to Celac.

    In order to achieve agreements on equal terms between both regions, Rodriguez proposed establishing permanent coordination mechanisms to “overcome differences” and assume a “true willingness to work together in the face of the great environmental, financial, social, economic and geopolitical challenges that threaten humanity, such as the current “unprecedented and irreversible” climate crisis.

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    Source: RT

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