NewsVenezuela thanks the Chinese president for his "spirit of cooperation"

    Venezuela thanks the Chinese president for his “spirit of cooperation”

    The Maduro government’s statements came at the end of an official visit by the Chinese delegation to Caracas.

    Venezuela and its president, Nicolas Maduro, are grateful to the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, for the ties of cooperation and brotherhood that have been established between the two countries, as stated on Tuesday by the foreign minister of the Latin American country, Carlos Faria, at the end of an official visit to Caracas by a Chinese delegation headed by the special representative of the Asian giant for Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, Qiu Xiaoqi.

    “President Nicolas Maduro and his people thank President Xi Jinping for his unwavering spirit of cooperation, brotherhood and solidarity towards the Bolivarian homeland,” the senior diplomat tweeted, sharing images of the meeting.

    For his part, the Venezuelan head of state, who was also present at the event, wrote on his Twitter account that “bilateral relations between both nations are strengthened and continue in frank deepening by mutual cooperation“.

    According to Venezuelan media, during the meeting the participants addressed a series of “bilateral issues”, evaluated “new opportunities in different areas” and ensured the “bonds of brotherhood” that unite both nations.

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    In addition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Caribbean country ratified before the senior Chinese diplomat Venezuela’s will to “continue advancing in the consolidation of the new geopolitics of peace.”

    Beijing is one of the main allies of the Maduro government, with which it celebrated, on June 28, the 48th anniversary of the establishment of its diplomatic relations, an event that Faria described as “historical example of diplomacy”.

    Last October, Venezuela congratulated the Chinese president on his re-election for a third term as leader of the Chinese Communist Party.

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    Source: RT

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