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    “Venezuela does not accept threats from anyone”: Maduro responds to the US after hinting at more sanctions

    The president warned that the problems of his country are solved by Venezuelans without the interference of foreigners.

    The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, responded to the US government. after a spokesman for the US State Department said in an interview that Washington would review and adjust the sanctions regime if Caracas did not negotiate with the radical opposition.

    “Yesterday (Wednesday), a gringo spokesman came out to threaten Venezuela, he came out to say that if Venezuela does not advance in political dialogues with the bandit, corrupt sector and sells out homeland of the unitary platform, they would retaliate and sanctions against our country. I tell the gringo spokesperson: ‘Get the hell out of there, because Venezuela respects itself!’ We do not accept threats from the US Government,” express Ripe.

    The threats to which Maduro referred were issued by a US spokesman who was consulted by Europa Press, about the possible arrest of former deputy Juan Guaido, who in 2019 proclaimed himself “interim president” of Venezuela and tried to create a parallel governmentwhich even served him to promote the blockade against the South American country and retain assets and funds of the Venezuelan State abroad.

    Let no one come to get into VenezuelaWe solve the problems of Venezuelans here, we (…) here we are standing with our own efforts and we will continue advancing with our own efforts; Venezuela does not accept threats from anyone,” Maduro added during a massive act at the Miraflores Palace, the seat of the Executive in Caracas.

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    Maduro stressed that the Venezuelan people throughout its history “has given many demonstrations of courage, patriotism, anti-imperialism, dignity, love for the great country and there is no imperialist spokesperson, The imperialist spokesman who intimidates Venezuelans has not been born in the fight for our land, for our future and the great homeland in which we believe and which we are building”.

    “We are the children of Bolivar, of Sucre (…) we are the homeland of the liberators of America, so, imperialism, swallow your words, eat your words that Venezuela will continue its course in the 21st century, without blackmail or threats, with our own efforts, building our prosperity, our greatness, our happiness, our democracy,” added the Venezuelan president.

    The US is willing to participate in the forum convened by Petro for dialogue in Venezuela

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    conditioned dialogue

    The Government of Venezuela decided to suspend negotiations with the radical faction of the opposition because the so-called unitary platform has not fulfilled the commitments they made in November 2022, when they signed a partial agreement in Mexico, which forced them to deliver more than 3,200 million dollars belonging to the Venezuelan State and that they are retained by the US as of the sanctions.

    For this reason, Caracas warned that until those funds, which were to be invested in social programs and plans for improvements in fundamental services, were not released and for the US to remove all sanctions on Venezuelano government spokesperson was going to talk to the opposition extremism.

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    “Venezuela is not going to sign any agreement with that sector of the Venezuelan opposition, until the 765 unilateral coercive measures are lifted signed by Donald Trump and Barack Hussein Obama,” said the Venezuelan government’s chief negotiator, Jorge Rodriguez, last March.

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    Source: RT

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