PoliticsYou can't hide an elephant in the room Mr Trump, white lies...

    You can’t hide an elephant in the room Mr Trump, white lies won’t help

    As Democrats have framed the US presidential election as a referendum to Trump’s handling of coronavirus, Trump has taken onto white lies and distorted facts to downplay the virus. He is overtaking health science experts, hiding personal information and presenting a distorted version of reality. Trump is not just spreading verbal misinformation. He is defying coronavirus through his actions too.

    He is no more participating in deliberations of White House coronavirus task force. Masks have become his symbolic adversaries. A masked face is now a symbol of Trump’s opposition.

    Donald Trump is deliberately modelling a behaviour for his supporters, that is so detrimental to their health and safety. His misadventures will be remembered among the worst of provocations any leader has made to his followers.

    Spreading misinformation in words and action

    So far, more than 215,000 Americans have lost their lives to the deadly disease. Trump’s statement that coronavirus is not significant is the starkest misinformation.

    Trump has contradicted top health experts in the United States. He uncounted Anthony Fauci, nation’s top infectious disease expert, by saying that he is a Democrat. Rick Bright, a leading immunologist at CDC has filed a whistleblower’s complaint against Trump administration last week. He claims that he has been sidelined because he denounced Trump’s directive to excessive use hydroxychloroquine as COVID treatment.

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    In his town hall address, he distorted the results of a study by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to suggest that masks don’t mitigate the threat of the virus.

    Trump is also responsible for the omission of crucial information related to his health. He doesn’t even clarify when was he last tested or if he was tested negative or positive. He goes unmasked among masses touting that he is immune from the disease for next four months. Trump also misused information of his son Barron’s diagnosis to assert that coronavirus is highly curable.

    The coronavirus task force is not up to the mark

    The coronavirus task force is headed by vice president Michael Pence, who himself roams around in groups without a mask. The task force is working in close coordination with the White House to ensure speedy executive decisions.

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    The task force meeting frequency has degraded from daily to once a week status. Trump seldom communicates with the agency officials.

    Some task force officials like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx are making sincere efforts to get through the virus but they face contempt and neglect from the administration.

    Trump’s science advisor, Scott Atlas is also on the task force. He is contemplating unsubstantiated theories around herd immunity. His theories are a source of misinformation. He vehemently opposes appeals to wear face masks. Scott is seen as an official who propagates Trump’s philosophies about coronavirus at the task force. He remains at odds with other officials.

    Trump’s rhetoric leads to imbalanced donations

    It is a strange thing that Trump’s campaign is running out of money but Biden is heading comfortably with his finances.

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    The main difference between their campaign is that Biden has relied heavily on donations and Trump spent lavishly from the coffers. Biden and other Democrats are receiving record donations from liberals.

    Trump’s persistent defiance of crucial facts has angered many liberals. They just want to see him out. They are pouring in a flood of contributions to Biden’s campaign.

    Prominent Republican donors, on other hand, believe that Trump’s ego to maintain his aggressive stance over the virus is complicating the fundraising aspect of his campaign.

    President Trump needs to understand that he cannot hide an elephant in the room. The large number of people who are killed by the virus, can not be discounted. If it has to be, then it will come at the cost of severe health and political crisis.

    Trump’s dilemma is that he can not make a u-turn at the last juncture before Election Day. But going further with the rhetoric is also not helping.

    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson is Journalist and Political Analysis of Awutar. You can get him via: [email protected]



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