NewsUSA and CanadaUSA stops entry from Brazil due to COVID-19

    USA stops entry from Brazil due to COVID-19

    The number of corona infections in Brazil has been increasing rapidly for weeks. The US is alarmed. The government in Washington imposes extensive entry restrictions for people from the South American country.

    Specifically, this means that non-US citizens who want to enter the USA must not have been to Brazil for 14 days beforehand, the White House said. “The measure will help ensure that foreigners who have been to Brazil do not become a source of new infections in our country,” said President Donald Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. She added that trade was not affected by the new restrictions.

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    A sad second place

    According to the US University of Johns Hopkins, there are currently around 350,000 confirmed coronavirus infections and 22,000 deaths in Brazil. The country with the largest population in Latin America has now registered the second most infections worldwide in absolute numbers – there is only more in the USA with 1.6 million known infections and almost 100,000 deaths.

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been criticized for his loose approach to coronavirus expand. Even if the number of corona infections grows rapidly in Brazil, Bolsonaro continues to violate the hygiene requirements and distance rules in his public appearances.

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    On Sunday, in front of the presidential palace in Brasília, he sought closeness to his followers who had gathered. The far-right politician shook hands with several demonstrators and hugged some of them. He had already taken off the breathing mask he was wearing at the beginning.

    The politician is always noticed by verbal derailments. Only the day before, a Brazilian judge made a video public, which caused outrage not only in South America. You can see and hear Bolsonaro speaking with the worst kind of swear words, among other things about the work of the police.

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    Bazezew Zerihun
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