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    US-Russia: Nothing will change, neither the sanctions nor the relations, said Putin’s ally

    The US is just 5 days from its historic US Presidential election 2020 where two seniormost candidates will battle for the US headship. The whole world eyes over the world’s strongest nations Presidential election for choosing a person who will decide the fate of the whole world for the next 5 year. Amidst the US election, the Russian President ally believes that there will be no change in the foreign policy of the US for Russia whoever wins the US election 2020.

    The Russian President ally Andrey Kostin believes that Washington DC will stay with the existing foreign policy for Russia instead of whoever wins the US Presidential election, irrespective of how Americans will vote and irrespective of whoever among Liberals and Conservative will decide the foreign policy. Russian official believes that the sanctions put down by the US on Russia will not be lifted too if Biden will be elected as the next US President.

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    Noting would change, neither the sanctions nor relations

    The statement has come in response to the allegations of election manoeuvring by Russia back in 2016 and now in 2020. The American intelligence department has verified the fact that Russia tries to manipulate the election results in 2016 and supported Trump to win the US election 2016 rather than the liberal Hillary Clinton. The Russian President’s ally Kostin said that in his four years of tenure, the US President has put over 46 sanctions on Russia. And shortly, I don’t think that these sanctions would be lifted or also may not be tightened further, said Kostin.

    Trump administration sanction on Russian officials

    Andrey Kostin said that it is hard to say that who among the Republican Trump and Democrat Joe Biden is going to have good relations with Russia. He further added that the conditions or the relations during Trump were at that extent complex that the US has sanctioned Kostin, famous Russian officials and many companies in 2018 under ‘worldwide malign activities’.

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    When Trump praised Vladimir Putin

    However, the Republican candidate and the existing US President Donald Trump has been seen praising and accolading the Russian President Vladimir Putin many times. The statement that Andrey has given, comes in response to the interference of Russia in the US Presidential election 2020.

    Russia is just basing on the assumptions, said Kostin

    Apart from that, Kostin also said that Russia has no idea and nothing can be predicted now, that who will be a good choice to improve the US-Russia relations and take it to a new path. He said that we are just keeping the milestone on the assumptions.

    Despite these statements, Russia is aware of the US polls predictions. The Russian officials are very much aware of the fact that the Democrat candidate Joe Biden is leading the polls and his Republican counterpart Donald Trump is trailing behind him. The response of the US President and Trump administration towards coronavirus led him to fall short behind Biden.

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    The whole world aiming at the US election 2020

    Both the nations are the world’s strongest ones in terms of military, the economy, space power, world’s order and influence on the geopolitics. The whole world is aiming at the US Presidential election 2020, so that the new world order which is generally referred to as the US inclined, could be formulated.

    Also, the Russian interference claim of the US officials and intelligence is depicting that how important is the election of new US president is for Russia for its future policies and the relations between both the nations.

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    Richard Ferdinand
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