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    US Election 2020: Biden nearing towards the finish line, Trump optimistic over retaining swing states

    With just 2 days to go, the Democrat candidate Joe Biden is nearing to the finish line to win the US Presidential election 2020 in polls and Trump is following him with a margin which can be attained on the election day. Trump campaign team and the Grand Old parties are having hopes to tighten their seat belt and stay competitive as the swing states can make the difference at last.

    Joe Biden has taken lead over Trump in every poll. The Republican President Donald Trump is just 8 per cent away from his Democrat counterpart Joe Biden. Joe Biden is ahead with 51 per cent while Trump is trailing behind with 43 per cent vote share in his favour as reported by Ipsos/Reuters polls done between Oct. 27-29.

    The neck to neck fight in the battleground states

    The 270 marks which one of the candidates have to attain to win the US Presidential race and to win the authority over the White House. Trump very eagerly and badly want to continue his second tenure and for that, he needs to win the battleground states where he had taken lead back in the US election 2016. Reuters polls also depicting that both the Presidential candidates are having the neck to neck fight in the battleground states like Arizona, Florida and North Carolina.

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    Reuters polls suggest that Trump has not completely lost the other battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. In Pennsylvania, Biden appears to take the lead of about 5 per cent from Trump while the reckless statements of Trump and the war of words between Trump and the state governments in Wisconsin and Michigan have cost the Republican President a lot. In both these battleground states, Trump is trailing behind by at least 9 per cent from Biden.

    Biden and Trump approaches towards pandemic

    Biden and Trump approach to Coronavirus has created so much difference in the polls. The US has its worse data of coronavirus. The tool and the deaths due to this pandemic is worse in the US than any other country. Donald Trump has been repeatedly criticised for his CoviD19 response and his ill-maintained administration towards controlling of coronavirus. ‘

    Trump has been constantly trying to depict himself as the survivor and the fighter from the coronavirus. While Biden has been persistently trying to present himself as the better administrator to frame policies to cope up with the danger of CoviD19. People started believing that Biden health care policy would be an effective option for them rather than living in threat of Trump’s healthcare policy.

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    The economic slowdown in the pandemic era

    Apart from that the economic concern and the stand of both the candidates on this issue is one of the most important factors which affected polls results. The Americans started believing the fact that under Trump’s administration, the economy has been affected a lot. While Reuters polls saying that about 21 per cent of the US voters say that they are looking for the President who has the strong economic policy and the policy which can generate jobs which are lost in large number during a pandemic.

    The economic slowdown in the US has caused hundreds of thousands jobless. The data shows that most of the jobless peoples are in the battleground states like Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where a lot of business and farms have faced slowdown and recession. People started believing that the poor policy and the failure of Trump’s administration on holding the grip of the economy is the real reason, why they are jobless.

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    Biden appears to be the right choice for older Americans

    While Biden at this point of time has given them a choice to choose him as he has plans to generate jobs for them and make their sustenance easier. Trump administration is mostly facing the anger of the older Americans having the age group of 55 years. And remember, these older voters are the key voters back in 2016 US election who supported Trump for his promising footings against Hillary Clinton, his Democrat counterpart.

    The factors that affected Trump to trail in polls

    Also, the foreign policy and the credibility and image of the US at the global level has deteriorated after Trump assumes power in 2016. The various agreements resolution and promise have been taken back and the trade and tariff war with China has affected America and the Americans. The America first and the Americans first policy of Trump has not been effectively implemented and proved as the false promises only. These are the certain factors that affected Trump badly in polls.

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