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    US Election 2020: A parallel battle to retain majority in Senate, Republicans struggling hard

    Parallel to the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, there is also a struggle for Republicans to retain their majority in the Senate. The fate of Trump is uncertain as polls tell that Biden has a clear national leader. The Grand Old Party is struggling to maintain their majority in the Senate so that they can at least put a check on Democrats’ action if they are voted to power.

    The political landscape has been through great change. The GOP which controls the Senate is pushed back to defensive mode in many states. The Democrats on other hand, have to defend a limited number of seats. The staunch fundraising campaign of Democrats has provided a further setback to Republicans.

    Many states have gone through considerable demographic changes, favouring the Democrats. But the greatest damage to the race of individual GOP Senators has been done by the Trump’s mishandling of coronavirus.

    The changing political landscape

    Presently, GOP has a majority of 53-47 over the Democrats. As the election cycle was kicked in, Republicans had 23 seats at risk while Democrats were defending 12 seats.

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    Biden successfully framed the 2020 election as a referendum on Trump’s handling of coronavirus pandemic. Now, ten GOP Senators are at serious risk at the hand of Democrats and are offensive on merely 2 Democratic seats.

    The Democratic sentiment is on the rise in many states in the US on account of the minorities and youth population. The rise in Colorado is so stark that both Democratic and GOP candidates have stopped spending because the Republican senator Corey Gardener’s defeat is obvious at the hands of John Hickenlooper.

    The national political sentiment has changed to the extent that the top Republicans like Susan Collins of Maine and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina are facing a tough reelection bid.

    GOP pushed on defensive mode

    It is not just about Corey Gardener, Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham, there many Republicans who face similar threat over their seats.

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    In Iowa, one of the safest hands of Trump, the Republican senator, Joni Ernst, is facing stiff competition from the newcomer Democratic candidate, Theresa Greenfield. Ernst was herself also a first time senator in 2014 elections. Trump’s favourite senator David Perdue of Georgia is also struggling to retain his seat. A large number of voters are turning out in Georgia which is an unwelcome sign for David. Democrat candidate, Osoff has targeted Perdue over his stock trading, calling him a cheat.

    GOP stronghold of Texas, Kansas and Alaska are also facing a tough challenge from Democrats. On the other hand, the Republicans are attacking the Democrats in Michigan and Alabama.

    In Michigan, Democratic senator, Gary Peters is strongly challenged by the Republican candidate, John James who is a black businessman. In Alabama, Democratic senator Doug Jones rode the tide of Trump wave in 2014. This election, the former football coach, Tommy Tuberville is giving stiff competition to Jones.

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    What does the Senate Majority mean for GOP?

    The American legislative is composed of two chambers. The Senate or the upper chamber consists of 100 members. The other segment is called the House or the lower chamber.

    The Democrats were successful in claiming a majority in House after 2018 midterm election. The Republicans have a majority in Senate. If Democratic candidate, Joe Biden is elected as a president, the majority in the Senate will help Republicans to obstruct him if he pushes his agenda.

    Even if Trump secures a victory in the presidential election, he will require a majority in the Senate to counter the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat who leads the lower chamber. This means that besides the head to head battle between Trump and Biden, there is a fight to secure a majority in the upper house for Republicans.

    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson is Journalist and Political Analysis of Awutar. You can get him via: [email protected]


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