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    United States: manhunt after the escape of a “dangerous” inmate with “survival skills”

    The wanted man is suspected of homicide, kidnapping and arson. He had been imprisoned after a first manhunt last May.

    It is described as “dangerous” by US authorities. A man detained in Pennsylvania (United States) escaped overnight from Thursday to Friday from the prison where he was imprisoned, triggering a real manhunt to find him, tell several American media including CNN.

    34-year-old Michael Charles Burham is suspected of killing a woman, committing arson, burglary and kidnapping a couple. He was jailed last May, after being arrested in North Carolina after a previous four-day manhunt. Since then, he has been held in a jail in Warren County, pending extradition to New York State.

    “He is considered very dangerous”, alerted the police. “He knows the area well and he’s a survivalist, he has survival skills.”

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    Drones and a plane mobilized

    Many means are deployed to try to find the man. Federal, state and local authorities are on the call, according to Warren Police, and are using drones, aircraft, dogs and all-terrain vehicles to conduct the search.

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    The authorities call on citizens to “vigilance” and to report any abnormal fact to them. They recommend not to come into contact with the fugitive and to contact the investigators immediately in case of information. They are also asking the residents of Warren to check their CCTV cameras for any suspicious movement the night of the escape.

    Source: BFM TV

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