NewsUSA and CanadaUnited States: Joe Biden's surprising campaign clip that hijacks an opponent's speech

    United States: Joe Biden’s surprising campaign clip that hijacks an opponent’s speech

    Joe Biden’s communications team used excerpts from Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene’s speech to praise the president’s record, campaigning for a second term.

    The campaign is well and truly launched in the United States. And all shots seem allowed. In a clip posted on social networks by Joe Biden on Tuesday, Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is heard weaving laurels to the American president, candidate for re-election in 2024.

    “Joe Biden has made the greatest public investment in social infrastructure and environmental programs”, seems to enthuse the representative of Georgia, before listing the areas invested by the American head of state: “education, medical care, urban problems” or even “rural poverty”.

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    “I approve this message” (I approve this message), comments Joe Biden in the caption of the video.

    “This is what Joe Biden really approves of”

    Marjorie Taylor-Greene, convinced Trumpist and regularly the target of criticism for conspiratorial remarks, would she have turned her jacket? No, it’s actually a montage, produced by Joe Biden’s communications team from excerpts from a speech by the elected Republican.

    The person concerned responded on the same social network by posting an extract – longer and without cuts – of the speech she gave on Sunday at the Turning Point Action Conference, an event organized in Florida by an association of young conservatives.

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    She notably attacked Joe Biden’s economic record, explaining that Americans are “in debt to the tune of 32 trillion dollars, with a record number of homeless people and inflation that has never been so high for 40 years”. “This is what Joe Biden really endorses,” she wrote in her tweet.

    Trump’s voice modeled using AI

    The campaign is just as fierce within the Republican camp, which is torn between supporters of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis as a debate approaches on August 23 between Republican primary candidates.

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    On Tuesday, Florida’s current governor’s Never Back Down support committee sparked controversy by using an artificial intelligence-generated fake voice of Donald Trump in a commercial.

    Source: BFM TV

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