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    United States: 7 children discovered in “deplorable” conditions in the middle of rats and excrement

    Pennsylvania police found seven children between the ages of 4 and 16 living in “deplorable” conditions. Their parents were arrested, then released after posting bail.

    More than 20 rats in cages, excrement on the ground, a padlock on the fridge… Police in Pennridge, Pennsylvania (United States), withdrew custody last Tuesday of seven children from a couple who lived in unimaginable unsanitary conditions.

    Alerted by the intrusion of two young girls aged 12 and 14 in an abandoned caravan and the discovery, the police asked them to lead them to the family home, reported American media, including local television WPVI. -TV.

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    An unbearable smell

    Once they arrived at the Robertson’s, the police announced that they discovered “deplorable” living conditions: a refrigerator secured by a padlock to prevent children from stealing food, an unbearable smell, insects, several dozen rats in cages and feces on the ground and on a blanket.

    Five other children were found, four of them in a room at the back of the house, all aged between 4 and 16 years old.

    The house also housed two dogs, two turtles, two rabbits, snakes, toads and a reptile over a meter tall.

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    Dirty and malnourished children

    According to a report relayed by NBC News, all but one of the children were found to be clinically malnourished, two tested positive for Covid-19, two had mild kidney failure and three had a fever and were diagnosed with a viral syndrome. acute and two children needed glasses.

    From a hygienic point of view, two others received extensive dental work and two had to have their heads shaved due to a problematic mat. One of them even had maggots in his hair.

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    Additionally, investigators found that none of the seven children had attended school. They had significant mental retardation and many of them did not know their date of birth.

    The parents, Shawn and Crystal Robertson, were arrested and charged with seven counts of endangering the welfare of a child. They were later released after paying 10% of the $100,000 bail.

    The seven children were taken to the hospital to be examined and placed in foster care.

    Source: BFM TV

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