PoliticsTwitter again slammed Trump and removed his tweet, said- he misleads the...

    Twitter again slammed Trump and removed his tweet, said- he misleads the information

    The US President Donald Trump has now another mess up with Twitter and that’s coming up at a time when the Republican candidate is trailing behind his Democrat counterpart Biden. Twitter has revoked Trump’s tweet on mask use on Sunday. Twitter calls the US President’s tweet as the misleading one that downplays the efficacy of the mask used in response to coronavirus pandemic. Trump has earlier tweeted by lowering the efficacy of mask on Saturday- ‘Masks work? NO.’

    Trump Administration and his election campaign team who have already outplayed the threat from the epidemic, has started giving the message that Masks are of no use in terms of the fight with Covid19. But, Twitter Inc clarified the reason by saying that may demoralise the use of mask and consider it as the misleading information that needs to omit. After the removal of Trump’s tweet, the White House has not reacted over it yet.

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    Masks are not effective Mr Trump!

    Interestingly, some certain evaluations and data show the mask used as the effective containment strategy for coronavirus but Trump administration believes that it is not mandatory at all. The whole world and the health experts, as well as the international health organization, are promoting the use of the mask but the US government has downplayed its efficacy.

    The US has faced the wrath of the coronavirus the most. Not only in terms of several Covid19 cases but also terms of several deaths, the US is on top of the world. The toll of coronavirus cases in the US has surpassed 8 million and the deaths due to the disease crossed over 217,000. Daily more than 60,000 cases being reported in the US.

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    When Trump threw his mask and said- I am a warrior

    Earlier, Republican candidate Donald Trump has also found corona positive and was hospitalized for treatment. Trump, however, did not bother to even complete his isolation tenure under medical surveillance and rejoined his team for the US election campaign. The polls that depicted that Biden has taken a steady lead of more than 10 per cent nationally from Trump, has hurt him. This forced the Republican conservative to came out of Hospital and throw his mask at the White House balcony and say- I am a warrior.

    Biden mature handling

    While, Biden on the other hand, has taken a mature way to carry forward his campaign. The Democrat candidate and former vice-President have not only focussed over virtual rallies but also from various platforms urged people to maintain social distancing and wear the mask. Joe Biden has also raised a huge fund by virtual appeal than Trump and paved his way for the further campaigning process.

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    Trump’s response to COVID19 is not enough

    Apart from that, the response from Trump’s administration towards the coronavirus has cost him much. The national polls are one such outcome. Only 35 per cent people believe that the measures and the guidelines that Trump administration has issued are enough for the fight against coronavirus. The ABC News and Ipsos survey data also show that 72 per cent people believe that Trump has not even tried and taken so much of risk to minimise the impact of the virus and contracts it to fewer numbers.

    At this stage, Trump’s tweet is found to be misleading one and hence Twitter has removed it.

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