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    Trump’s unwillingness evokes a warning from Democratic challenger Biden

    On Friday, Joe Biden’s campaign notified President Donald Trump can be escorted from the White House if he causes any problem regarding his defeat in US Election 2020. Democratic Challenger Biden is on the verge of gaining presidentship after leading in Pennsylvania and Georgia’s crucial states. But Trump is not ready to admit. He is claiming voter fraud and saying that he has been cheated out of re-election. Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates quoted that the American people will resolve this election as said on 19th July and the United States Government has all kinds of power to escort trespassers from the White House. 

    In July, Donald Trump declined to accept the election result peacefully if he lost and refused to transfer his power in an interview with Fox News. Earlier this year, former US attorney Barbara McQuade quoted in “The Atlantic” that the successor could command the government to remove Trump from the White House. Now, being just a private citizen, he can be accused of trespassing in the White House and can be arrested as he will no longer be resistant from criminal prosecution. Real-time state election results showed that Biden is leading over the Republican Incumbent in Pennsylvania with 9000 votes although, thousands of votes are still not counted. A total of 270 votes in the Electoral college is needed to be the President, and it is assumed that the 77-year-old Joe Biden can get past that. Pennslyvania and its 20 electoral votes would be sufficient for Joe Biden to become the President. 

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    Biden has taken the lead in Georgia, but it is announced on Friday that the votes will be recounted. Joe Biden last spoke to the reporters on Thursday afternoon in his home town of Wilmington, Delaware. He said to the reporters that he is confident about the election that the people of America will choose him to be the President. Biden says he is already preparing for the White House. He said that he and his mate Kamala Harris are looking into the economy of the country. He also said that they are also looking after the pandemic situation as nearly 2,40,000 people have died due to coronavirus. He consoled the families by assuring them that they are not alone. 

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    The former Vice: President Joe Biden, who is just a step away from the victory, said that he expected 300 electoral votes, but he showed unity during the count. Donald Trump, without having any evidence, continued to put allegations against the election process. Joe Biden stated that after all, they are Americans. He said that they are opponents, but they are not enemies. Police told AP that two men were arrested on Thursday as they were armed with loaded handguns near the Philadelphia convention center where the vote count for the election was going on. The Washington Post reported on Friday that the US Secret Service would be increasing the protection for the former Vice president as the chances of victory is likely to be increasing.

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