PoliticsTrump's distorted version of Biden's oil transition pledge casts him as job-eater

    Trump’s distorted version of Biden’s oil transition pledge casts him as job-eater

    Biden’s pledge to take the US through a transition from oil to renewable sources of energy is a well-intended but politically consequential decision. Biden asserted in the closing segment of the third US presidential debate that he will make the transition from the oil industry. His statement was in sync with his wider campaign promise to make the United States free from fossil fuels by 2050.

    The statement was immediately picked by Donald Trump and given a political colour. Trump seeks to harness the statement to fortify electoral gains in key oil-producing states. Trump clearly said that Biden’s remark will give him political blowback in key states.

    Joe Biden is stuck in a double whammy as he has to balance between his pledge around Climate Change and the interests of oil-producing states.

    Biden’s climate change pledge

    Biden reiterated his claim to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. His campaign promises stood to its dedication to taking the United States to net-zero greenhouse gas emission level.

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    Biden said that it is the moral duty of the United States to tackle the imminent threat of Climate Change. He has, however, shown no intent to place a ban over the oil and gas industry. His focus is rather on building high-end technologies that will potentially contain the pollution spread by fossil fuels.

    Scientists have confirmed that Biden’s promise of achieving net-zero greenhouse emission will become reality only after eliminating fossil fuels from the scene. Biden clarified that the transition will take place over a long time. Till then new job opportunities in renewable sources will emerge out.

    The Democratic candidate has also said that he will only ban new oil and gas permits on federal land, which has a limited share of fracking. Much of the oil and gas fracking is done on private land.

    Trump’s distorted version

    Trump was very amused at Biden’s statement on the transition from oil in the final debate. He said that Biden’s big statement implicates that oil-producing states will lose a large number of jobs if Biden gets elected.

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    Trump accused Biden of trying to destroy the oil and gas industry. He asked the people of Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio and Oklahoma to remember Biden’s promise. Trump registered victory in these states in the 2016 presidential election easily. These swing states, Pennsylvania, in particular, may prove out to be decisive in the present election. Trump and Biden are also closely contesting in Texas and Ohio.

    Trump has sought to project himself as a leader in these states who will strengthen the oil industry. The industry is seen as a harbinger of economic stability and job prospects in rural areas. President keeps on pitching for oil industries in these states, many times at the neglect of science behind climate change. He has promised of widespread oil hydraulic oil fracking in Pennsylvania. He said Biden is going to ban the development.

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    The ground situation

    The oil and gas industry is a major driver of development in rural areas of oil-producing states. Around 26,000 workers are employed in the industry in Pennsylvania itself.

    American Petroleum Institute emphasised the importance of the oil and gas industry in the United States. It said any attempt to limit the industry will jeopardise the economic recovery in the United States. The industry is directly linked to energy costs, employment and domestic production. Rapid response manager Scott Parker said none of the two parties has a full proof plan to combat climate change.

    Environmental groups suggest that European countries are turning towards renewable sources of energy, while Americans stick to the widespread use of fossil fuels. What is required at this stage is an all-round use of energy alternatives with a gradual transition towards renewable sources.

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