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    Trump’s balloon of frustration over Fauci burst; He may be out of job after the Election Day

    The conflict between President Donald Trump and America’s top infectious diseases expert, Anthony Fauci has reached its climax. On the last days of the presidential election campaign, Donald Trump hinted that he will fire Anthony Fauci from his position after the elections.

    Fauci’s scientific arguments and alarms contradict Trump’s narrative of receding coronavirus pandemic. President has earlier also told that if he removed Fauci before the Election Day, it will give Republicans a political blowback.

    Anthony Fauci has also grown outspoken on his stand as the Election Day came closer. His competence as a health expert is widely accepted in the United States but his political motives can not be ruled out. Fauci has publicly drawn a comparison between Biden and Trump on their viewpoint on coronavirus pandemic. He has specifically replied to Trump’s baseless political remarks.

    Trump’s assurance to ‘Fire out Fauci’

    The death due to coronavirus in the United States has sored up to 230,000. Biden has turned the election as a referendum on Trump’s handling of coronavirus pandemic. Trump is doing all he can to deny the threat of the pandemic but Fauci has been persistent in raising the alarm bar against his stand.

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    Trump vented his anger in a rally in Opa-Locka in Florida. His supporters where raising cries of Fire Fauci. He asked them to wait for Election Day, he will take notice of their advice. Trump’s message was very straightforward this time. Fauci recently launched a sharp response to Trump’s remark that the virus was receding.

    White House spokesman, Judd Deere criticised Anthony Fauci for playing politics ahead of the Election Day. He has also associated Fauci with Democratic allegiance. He said that Fauci’s role is to work on the strategy to contain the virus. He is instead taking advantage of the situation to criticise President in Media and Public.

    The President and the health expert at loggerheads.

    While Trump stresses that there is no need to worry about the pandemic. It has completed its cycle and is returning. After recovering from COVID infection, he asserted that the infection comes and goes. It is normal. He bluntly defies lockdown guidelines in his rallies, attracting large crowds without masks. He throws away his mask in the crowd saying it is not necessary to put it on.

    Anthony Fauci on other hand, alarmed the return of virus in the winter when people will be clubbed together in their homes. He announced the urgency of policy initiatives at this stage to meet the imminent challenges in the winter. Fauci has complained that Trump has not met him in a month.

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    Anthony Fauci is a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Trump earlier used to take briefings from the team but that has completely dried down over the month. Fauci has claimed a lot of work is stacked to be done for tackling the pandemic which is possible only through swift changes in policy and approach.

    Fauci also outlined the difference between Biden and Trump’s perspective. He said that Biden is serious about the pandemic. He considers it a public health perspective. Trump on other hand, has an entirely different perspective. He looks at the pandemic through the prism of economy and industry.

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    Potential political blowback for Trump

    Trump has so far abstained from taking strict action against Fauci because he feared it could lead to political blowback. Now that he has unveiled his intent, it could still affect his chances in the presidential race.

    The current election is a referendum on Trump’s handling of coronavirus pandemic. Anthony Fauci is among the most trusted figure in America on the aspect of containing the virus. A poll by Kaiser Family Foundation in September showed that 68% of Americans trusted Fauci for the information on the pandemic. Biden and Trump on other hand were trusted by 52% and 40% of Americans respectively.

    Trump shows immense trust in another coronavirus task force member, Scott Atlas. He has floated theories around herd immunity. He downplays the use of mask by people and social distancing, much to the delight of Trump.

    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson
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