PoliticsTrump will vote in-person and claim votes in swing-states, Obama-Biden to cement...

    Trump will vote in-person and claim votes in swing-states, Obama-Biden to cement their edge in Florida and Pennsylvania

    US President Trump is all set to join the fray of the record number of Americans who have already cast their ballots in the early voting period. Trump has been consistent in denying the credibility of mail-in ballots. He will vote in-person in Florida. Trump’s voting is scheduled to be followed by a string of rallies in battleground states.

    More than 50 million voters have voted till now in form of early ballots. Political analysts predict the voters’ turnout to hit historic high over the century. The election, marked by the coronavirus pandemic, is both a safety concern and an interesting contest between the two presidential candidates.

    The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden will also hit another campaign trail in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania. He has been successful in turning the election into a referendum on Trump’s handling of coronavirus.

    Trump will vote in-person in Florida

    President Donald Trump will go for in-person voting in West Palm Beach akin his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Trump changed his permanent residence last year from New York to Florida.

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    Trump has relentlessly discredited mail-in voting this year, questioning the legitimacy of entire elections. He had, however, voted through mail-in ballots in state elections and the presidential primary in March. Trump’s assertion that mail-in ballot is a fraudulent system is an unfounded claim. He still cited it as a fraud to refuse to commit to a peaceful transfer of power post-election result.

    After casting his ballot in Florida, Trump will participate in rallies in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin. These are among the key battleground states in presidential elections. Trump and Biden are contesting narrowly in these states.

    Biden will campaign in Pennsylvania

    Various polls say that Biden is comfortably leading Trump at the National level. But the fight is bit narrowed down in swing states, that could decide the fate of candidates.

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    Joe Biden will head rallies in Pennsylvania. Biden will hold drive-in rallies in Bucks County and the Luzerne County near his birthplace, Scranton. Trump defeated Clinton in Luxerne and gave her a tough fight in Bucks County.

    Biden has framed the election as a referendum on Trump’s management of coronavirus pandemic. He has earlier addressed in Pennsylvania saying that Trump has submitted on his efforts to tackle the virus. Trump makes a counterclaim that Biden has painted an exaggerated image of the virus in public image. Trump is trying to save his nose in Pennsylvania.

    A week before, Biden had seven percentage points edge over Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. The lead is now constrained to just four percentage points. Biden’s return to the state with the campaign will re-strengthen his prospects in the state.

    Obama once again for Biden, this time in Florida

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    The former President may not be in the office, but his charm and popularity among Democrats have not faded away. Barack Obama is widely popular among the youths and the Black community. Also, he is a powerful orator who can turn tides in the final stage of the race.

    Obama’s blistering attack over Trump in Pennsylvania on Wednesday has left Republicans in a helpless situation. This time he will appeal for his counterpart, Joe Biden, in Florida. Florida is Trump’s home state and a must-win bait for him.

    Obama will hold a drive-in rally in Miami. His appeal for Biden-Harris pair contains substance as he has worked with Biden for years in his presidency. He knows Biden personally well. Joe Biden has appreciated his efforts in the election campaign. Obama has been active on virtual platforms all through the campaign. He has also helped Biden and Harris in their fundraising activities.

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