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    Trump warrior with tied hands, lashes out on his own army in frustration

    Trump is dedicated to giving a fight but his hands are tied by the virus. Trump downpours his frustration on his own aides. He has made harsh remarks on his top aides for not prosecuting his political rivals. He was bitter on his rivals and aides alike in a telephone interview with Fox news. The interview was full of unsubstantiated remarks. It had rushed tone to get back into public activities.

    Trump’s frustration can be seen on account his helplessness to compete with his rival Joe Biden. With just 26 days left in the election, Trump has an uphill task to do and opportunities are strictly limited. He is dreaded by an imminent defeat. Trump’s trust over his closest allies is fading in the fog of political crisis.

    Trump scolded his top aides

    Trump sees 2016 allegations against his involvement with Russia to influence election results as a political conspiracy. He calls is the biggest crime in American history. He has long pressed Attorney General William P. Barr to carry out prosecution charges against his rivals including Obama, Clinton and Biden.

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    He despised Barr for not being able to prosecute his enemies. Trump termed it as a historic failure. He also made a contemptuous remark towards FBI director Christopher Wray saying that he has been disappointing. He did not even spare Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. He expressed his dissatisfaction towards him for not releasing Clinton’s emails.

    Officials do not have enough evidence to indict Clinton, Obama or Biden. Trump admitted in the Fox interview that he insisted his officials to carry out prosecution even if they lack evidence. Republicans are pissed off with Trump’s behaviour and his approach towards the virus. Majority leader Mitch McConnell has even boycotted White House saying it is not safe.

    His extreme remarks on rivals

    Trump came out with even harsher and extreme remarks on his rivals. He called Kamala Harris a monster and a communist. He tried to convince people that the democrat vice presidential can be really harmful to the nation. He made a prophecy that Biden won’t last even two months as a president because he is so weak. Harris will capture the presidency and United States will be in dangerous hands.

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    He alleged that the Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat Senator, is planning a coup against him. Nancy is actually concerned about the President’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power. She is planning to block Trump from doing so. The Speaker is also planning to bring changes in 25th Amendment through legislation to prove that Trump is incapacitated and transfer power to vice president Mike Pence.

    Trump’s political crisis is further deepening. This makes him utter maddening remarks. He has floated unsubstantiated claims that he was trying to bring back forces from Afghanistan for a war with China and Russia.

    Medical experts say that Trump’s haphazard behaviour can be attributed to the drug dexamethasone. The drug is said to disrupt a person’s decision-making ability. A quarter of patients show signs of insomnia and other psychiatric side effects. It also leads to psychosis in a few patients.

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    Says I am extremely young, ready for the campaign

    Trump claimed in the interview that he is a perfect physical specimen and he is extremely young. He also refused to take the experimental drug which he said should be approved for public use. He is taking steroid dexamethasone because it makes him more energetic.

    Trump is planning to resume his public activities from Saturday. He will head a rally in Florida on that day and in Pennsylvania the other day. Medical experts across America have warned against any such move. They say it might worsen Trump’s physical health affecting others too. Saturday is also two days short from the deadline affixed by Centre for Disease Control

    Trump’s chaotic behaviour could have significant health and safety manifestations, not only to him but his aides too. It doesn’t seem that he is going to stop because so much is at stake for him!

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