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    Trump vs Biden: Who won the battle to win the battleground states till now and why?

    The US Presidential race is heating up in its final days. The polls telling that there may be the regime change in the US as Democrat Joe Biden is nationally prevailing over Republican Donald Trump by more than 10 per cent. Both the candidates are in a hurry and doing back-to-back rallies in battleground states, where they can make the real difference and the mark of 270 electoral votes can be passed to win the race of the US Presidential election 2020.

    Trump and Biden, the further campaign and roadmap

    Republican Donald Trump, who is trailing behind Biden is ready to head towards Nevada, a battleground states where more than 1 million votes have been cast. Trump after his campaigns in Michigan and Wisconsin is ready to address Arizona and North Carolina along with his visit to Florida for the debate. Republican’s candidate power-packed campaign and his election schedule mark that he is focussed over those states where back in 2016, he won by little margins.

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    While on the other hand, Joe Biden has also planned to visit North Carolina where more than 1.2 million people have cast their vote. Biden just wants to manage the gap and take a steady lead against his Republican counterpart as the Democrat and former vice-president has already crossed 50 per cent poll in his favour. The difference has been broadened to an extent that even after at this stage, Trump gets all the vote in his favour, he would not cross Biden’s mandate.

    Biden won many battleground states, Trump managed to occupy only 2

    Now, according to the latest survey of polls done by Real clear Politics of Associated Press, Biden has taken lead in most of the battleground states from Trump. In Arizona, where the vote has been cast, Biden has 49.2 per cent poll in his favour while Trump has 45.2 per cent. Apart from that, Joe Biden has taken lead in battleground states like Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. While Republican Trump has hardly managed to occupy and take lead in Ohio and Texas.

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    Now, what are the reasons that came in a way due to which Trump has fallen short of Biden in grabbing voters mandate in his favour?

    Trump sweeping remarks cost him much

    There is a lot of reason. One such considered as the most impactful is the sweeping remarks of Trump, which always create a mess and his interrupting and noisy attitude. Whether it is a campaign or it is the first US Presidential live television debate on September 29, Trump has exposed his identity of just shouting and interrupting others than to listen to them up.

    Personal attacks on the state legislatures of the battleground states

    Many Political experts believe that in some of the battleground states, Trump offensive remarks over the state legislatures cost him to lose the grip over states. One such state is Michigan where Trump was allegedly involved in the war of words with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. During his campaign, he attacked the Democrat Governor and said- Hopefully, the people will be sending her packing this time. He even yelled the crowd to ‘Lock her up.’

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    Trump ill-mannered response towards the pandemic

    Now another such reason is his response towards the COVID19 pandemic. Trump response to the epidemic has been criticised a lot many a time. A data of survey done by ABC news/IPSOS tells that just 35 per cent of the Americans believe and are satisfied with the way how their Mr President has handled the danger of coronavirus. Also, on the response of his health, 72 per cent believe that Trump did not even try and take a risk to contract and minimise the virus seriously.

    Apart from that, He didn’t even try to take precautions and risked the lives of others. this attitude from the guardian of the nation is not accepted and hence the response was brutal in the US Presidential election 2020.

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