PoliticsTrump trying hard to make it up to the mark, Biden busy...

    Trump trying hard to make it up to the mark, Biden busy in maintaining the steady lead

    The US Presidential election is just 9 days away and both the candidates are trying hard to make it up to the mark. The Republican Party Candidate Donald Trump who has been trailing behind Joe Biden, is pushing himself to campaign and make points over states other than swing states like New Hampshire. The tussle between Trump and Biden in the battleground states is very interesting one as Biden is narrowly leading by his Republican counterpart Trump and the outcomes at the end may be different.

    Donald Trump is looking confident at this stage as he believes that the lead Biden has made over Trump may change at the end like it happens back in 2016 when Trump beaten Hillary Clinton after the initial leads. Trump had said that the opinion polls does not deter him. Trump was in New Hampshire, a state which has not been considered as the main battleground state but may be proved significant during the small margins.

    Trump is running out of time to make it up to the mark

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    However, Trump has sidelined the fact that he is running out of time or we can say has ran out of time as there is just 9 days left for him for not just recover the damage done by his sweeping remarks but also make points over Biden. More than 56.5 million votes has been cast by in person or mail system. The US election project has reported that the early voters count is the highest voter turnout in the history of the US election in a century.

    Will Trump campaign make some difference?

    Trump is having his rallies in some of the significant battleground states like Ohio, Wisconsin and North Carolina and also in Florida. He has promised the people during his address that the coronavirus pandemic is under surveillance and we have planned to open up economy but Biden on the other side would threaten the jobs by pushing the country into shutdown.

    Transmission of virus in winter session is a sign of danger for the US

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    While Biden during his two day campaign stop in Pennsylvania polished his style of criticising Trump for his Covid19 response. He warned that the danger of the virus and its resurgence may take hike during the winter session. The toll of the coronavirus affected and deaths in the US may rise aggressively said Biden as the transmission of virus gets easy in crowd. Earlier, the US vice-President Mike Pence aide Mac Short, who serves as his spokeperson found corona positive. After which , the election campaign of Trump-Pence affected a little.

    Biden on the other hand, after taking a steady lead in every poll just trying to maintain the winning margin, maily in the battleground states.

    Trump is not ready for soft transition of power

    But, even if Joe Biden makes it possible to win the US election 2020 to hold the President’s chair, Trump who had already signalled to block the way of soft transition of power is ready with his next move. The complaint which Donald Trump has been doing from beginning of rigged election i.e. the fraudvoting via mail-in-ballot sysytem may be that particular weapon, he can use after the results.

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    Americans would be happy on either of them winning the race of Presidency

    However, Ipsos and Reuters survey polls telling the different side of the story. The report shows that people of either side whether it is Republican or Democrat, they will accept the result peacefully whoever wins the race at the end. Reports tell that 79 per cent of all the US citizens including 59 per cent those who want to see the current chairholder Donald Trump as the US President, may not have any issue then if Joe Biden would replace him.

    While, Trump victory over Joe Biden would also be accepted by 73 per cent Americans peacefully by the Democrat supporters including 57 per cent of those who want Joe Biden to win the election and want to see him as the next US President.


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